10 Sunday Reads

Avert your eyes! My Sunday morning look at incompetency, corruption and policy failures:

The Global Loss of the U-Shaped Curve of Happiness: Happiness used to be U-shaped by age, with middle age the least happy. Not anymore. Young people are now the least happy.. (After Babel)

Netflix Is Broken Beyond Repair. This Streaming Platform Shows a Better Way. Two decades into streaming platforms, the endless scroll doesn’t feel like a luxury. It feels like just another chore. Criterion24/7 offers a less chaotic choice. (Slate) see also What Happened to Our Ad-Free TV? Ads are here, there — almost everywhere — on streaming services now. (New York Times)

• The Dark Stain on Tesla’s Directors: Tesla’s Board is attempting to award Musk compensation that is obscenely unfair, using a proxy statement prepared with a flawed process and containing egregiously inadequate disclosures. (lawrence’s Substack)

You Can Thank Private Equity for That Enormous Doctor’s Bill: Private-equity investors have poured billions into healthcare but often game the system, hurting both doctors and patients. (Wall Street Journal) see also Angry at high drug prices? A letter in The Post is to blame (sort of). The drug industry has used a 2002 letter to the editor published in the newspaper to beat back government attempts to lower prices. (Washington Post)

Eating Rocks: If the grid goes down, how am I supposed to know how many pebbles to eat? (Sarah Kendzior’s Newsletter)

Hell Is an Underwater Landlord: Millions of tenants are trapped in a rotten cycle of overflowing trash, daily water outages, and a healthy rat population.(American Prospect) see also Why N.Y.C. Hotel Rooms Are So Expensive Right Now: The average hotel room rate in the city is $301 a night, a record. A major reason: One of every five hotels is now a shelter, contributing to a shortage of tourist lodging. (New York Times)

How Ken Paxton is stretching the boundaries of consumer protection laws to pursue political targets: The attorney general repeatedly uses laws meant to protect against fraudulent or deceptive practices to target hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and LGBTQ+ groups. (Texas Tribune)

The Fugitive Florida Deputy Sheriff Who Became A Kremlin Disinformation Impresario: John Mark Dougan, a former Florida deputy sheriff who fled to Moscow after being investigated for computer hacking and extortion. NewsGuard has discovered 167 Russian disinformation websites that appear to be part of Dougan’s network of websites masquerading as independent local news publishers in the U.S. and 15 films on Dougan’s since-removed YouTube channel (NewsGuard)

The Untold Story of the Network That Took Down Roe v. Wade: A conservative Christian coalition’s plan to end the federal right to abortion began just days after Trump’s 2016 election. (New York Times)

RFK Jr. Is Even Crazier Than You Might Think: The full depth of his battiness is getting lost in the political coverage of his presidential bid. (Mother Jones)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Jeffrey Sherman, Deputy CIO at DoubleLine Capital, which manages over $100 billion in mostly fixed-income assets. He helps to oversee DoubleLine’s investment management committee implementing policies & processes, He is a member of DoubleLine’s executive management and fixed income asset allocation committee. He also serves as the lead portfolio manager for multi-sector & derivative-based strategies. His podcast is “The Sherman Show.”

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