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The weekend is here! Pour yourself a mug of  coffee, grab a seat outside, and get ready for our longer-form weekend reads:

The Envy of Everyone: A 2017 profile of Jensen Huang is even more incredible in 2024. With news that NVIDIA had taken the mantle of the most valuable company in the world yesterday, I was reminded back to this incredibly prescient profile of co-founder and CEO Jensen Huang back in 2017 by Andrew Nusca (in naming him Fortune’s 2017 ‘Businessperson of the Year’). It’s filled with nuggets that, nearly 7 years later, appear in a totally new light: (Spyglass)

The House of Arnault Bernard Arnault Explains How He Built LVMH Into an Empire of Opulence His company, LVMH, bought up many of the world’s major luxury brands. And he’s not finished shopping. (Businessweeksee also LVMH: Guardians of Tradition, Engineers of Desirability: LVMH is by far the world’s largest luxury group with a market cap of roughly €400 billion. The company owns 75 prestigious brands, several of which are among the most recognized names worldwide, including Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Dom Perignon, and Tag Heuer. From fashion and leather goods to wines and spirits, the conglomerate has mastered the art of desirability – the single most crucial element for success in the luxury market, according to founder and CEO Bernard Arnault. (Quartr)

For American Brands Worried About China, Is India the Future? As multinational retailers diminish their dependence on Chinese factories, some are shifting production to India.. (New York Times)

What if quitting your terrible job would help the economy? Should people who quit get unemployment benefits? (Vox)

The Greatest Social Media Site Is Craigslist (Yes, Craigslist): While the internet has morphed and changed, the controversial classifieds site has remained largely the same—hearkening back to a time when everyone online trusted each other more. (Slate)

The Swedish secret to the perfectly balanced vacation: Getting your Goldilocks on can help you restore a sense of spontaneity to your travels without hitting a wall. (Washington Post)

How a surgeon general’s warning and a Supreme Court ruling may place gun control on the front burner. For decades, gun control policy in the U.S. has been virtually untouchable — except through efforts to make America’s gun culture deadlier, raising the toll of innocent victims. Two recent developments suggest that the ground may finally be shifting toward rationality. One is an “advisory” from Surgeon General Vivek Murthy identifying firearm violence as a public health crisis — the boldest statement from a government official calling attention to the horrific consequences of the nation’s turn away from common sense gun control. (Los Angeles Times)

AOC Is Getting Too Mainstream for Her Progressive Base: New Yorker known as AOC is Biden campaign emissary to young, minority voters. (Bloomberg)

Making new friends can be hard. Here are 5 ways to make 1 friend a year. Align with your interests; give attention; show care to others and yourself; take healthy risks; and seek a fresh perspective. (Washington Post)

Conan O’Brien Doesn’t Matter* *That’s his opinion. And yet he’s setting a new standard for what life after late-night can look like. (Hint: It’s a lot like what he did on talk shows.) (New York Times)

Be sure to check out our Masters in Business this week with Eva Shang, CEO/co-founder of Legalist. The firm specializes in litigation finance, which is non-correlated with equities. She leads the company’s 50-person team of engineers, attorneys, and analysts, and is a member of the firm’s valuation & investment committees and board of directors. Before co-founding Legalist at 20, Eva studied economics at Harvard College.


The US government has long been in the mortgage business; now it’s getting into the second-mortgage business

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