New Column up at The (02/01/08)


I have a new Apprenticed Investor column up at, titled What Investors Need to Know About Historical Data.

This was a rather different writing experience for me, as it was a collaborative effort with readers. The intro quote, and the entire sidebar was based on feedback from you guys. This not only made the column better, but it allowed me to make the piece far broader than I could have on my own. Thank you for both your efforts and the substance of what you added.

"A man with one foot in a bucket of ice and the other foot in a bed of hot coals is, on average, very comfortable."

"One option is to obtain a college degree in statistics. But that’s time consuming and expensive. Rather than spending another four years in school, I suggest a simpler approach to handling statistical data. When confronted with "incontrovertible proofs" based on historical data, ask yourself this short list of questions."

The rest of the column, consisting of questions you should ask yourself when confronted with persuasive historical data, were loosely based upon what we discussed last Sunday.




What Investors Need to Know About Historical Data
Barry Ritholtz, 02/01/08 – 09:33 AM EST

15 Ways to Check Data (Reader Suggestions)
Barry Ritholtz,  02/01/08 – 10:56 AM EST