I’m on Kudlow & Cramer tonite

Just a quick head’s up — I’ll be publicly embarrassing myself this evening on Kudlow & Cramer, CNBC at 8 and 11pm.

Its just Me, Larry Kudlow (Cramer is on vacation) and Liz Ann Sonders of Schwab — she’s kinda a buy & hold bull, (I’m less sanguine about the market, and I’m a big believer in capital preservation)

It should be fun . . .


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  1. Rich Housler commented on Sep 15

    Mr Kudlow

    The way you treated the writer that wrote the article that was critical of Richard Grasso was inexcusable,you are a bully Sir and are not even slightly interrest
    ed in the truth.

  2. Roy commented on Feb 24

    Please don`t talk so fast —— love your show , but only hear half of it … watch the shouting —

  3. Doug M commented on Mar 15

    Mr. Kudlow,

    I love your show, both you and Cramer are fun to watch. I like the fact that you are always trying to find the optimistic signs in the economy. You are a great American and are the type of individual that makes this country so successful. Policy makers, business men and individuals that realize that risk taking, innovation and little government involvement is what makes this country prosperous. Keep on preaching !!!

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