A few of last week’s posts got picked up by Reuters and CNN/Money:

Last Tuesday’s piece, A/D Breadth Thrust Suggests More Upside, was picked up in a Reuters article:

Advance/decline spike may bode well for US stocks
by Nick Olivari, Monday October 13, 2003 11:47 AM.

Which is way cool — Reuters runs in 1000s of papers. (Good for Tony Dwyer!) Also, the overhead resistance piece I referenced, Barbarians Repelled at the Gate, was picked by CNN/Money:

A line in the sand , “Wall Streeters are keying off S&P 1,050 — just a stone’s throw away — as the next big fight” by Justin Lahart, CNN/Money Senior Writer. October 14, 2003: 8:42 AM EDT

That’s also cool, Brian Reynolds is another good guy.

But all this gives me inspiration for a new slogan:

Read it in the Press later, or Read it here FIRST.”

(too shmaltzy? . . . )

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