Cavuto on Fox

I’ll be on Fox news today at 4:15ish (Your World with Neil Cavuto)

The topics will be the earnings season, market outlook for the new year, and the unemployment. Will see if we can work the Augmented Unemployment Rate into the conversation.

(It repeats again at 1:15 am and 5:15am)

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  1. Mats commented on Jan 14

    Be careful out there!

  2. robert kapurch commented on Feb 21

    Dear Neil, while I can certainly understdand why someone with a job would appreciate the Bush tax cuts let me enlighten you as to how someone without a job feels about lower taxes.They don’t mean diddly. During the Clinton years my wife and I grossed over 140000 dollars per year. Last year we made 96000 dollars, that includes the 22000 I collected in unemployment benefits. This year(2004)unless I find a job our gross income will most likely be less than 70000 dollars. So have the tax cuts helped us? I think not.

  3. Janice In Alabama commented on Oct 7

    After watching Bush for the last few weeks I have to say this; Bush is a cocky, arrogant, controling sob. He reminds me more and more everyday of my X husband. Id never vote for my X husband!I guess it comes naturally as they both are from the same family tree. I thank God Im not in it any longer!

  4. Timothy Hawkins commented on Jul 19

    July 18, 2005 Reguarding your comments about China being able to buy US companies. Tariffs are the way the Federal gavernment is supposed to be financed as well as the proper way to protect and encourage people to build and maintain businesses in the US. Our deviation from this has been in the past and will be in the future our distruction and down fall. Free trade only means that certain businesses can send US dollars out of the country to pay foreigners to make things that we used to make in this country and then not have to pay a tariff to import said products and still expect the Americans who lost their jobs to buy these products.

  5. Patricia Satlan commented on Aug 30

    Dear Neil:
    I heard what Secretary Spencer Abraham said on your show on August 30,2005. The government shouldn’t help those victims of the hurricane. Where’s his heart?
    Please, Neil, use the clout of Fox News to get the bigshots on Wall Street to help the victims of this hurricane. There is so much that these companies and organizations could do to help, if someone lit a fire under them. All they need is the inspiration and the idea. They’ll take the ball from there.

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