Pearls of Wisdom for Traders

Alan Farley, my colleague over at, put together a list of "25 Pearls of Wisdom for Traders."

Here are my favorites:

· The best trades come when the crowd leans the wrong way. In other words, the majority piles in one way but profits come from trading it the other way.

· Market direction is only as strong as the leadership that guides it. Stocks play follow-the-leader even when the charts tell a different tale.

· Follow the professionals in quiet times and the public in wild times.

· Don’t trust others’ opinions. It’s your money at stake, not theirs.

· Good timing on bad stocks makes more money over time than bad timing on good stocks.

Our styles are very different — I’m much less of a swing trader than him — but Alan’s got a good eye for pithy wisdom.

25  Pearls of Wisdom for Traders
By Alan Farley , 11/18/2004 12:02 PM EST

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