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Since I give the music industry such a hard time when they screw things up (which is most of the time), let me point out when they do something correctly. 

YourMusic Dot Com

What is it? Picture a cross between Netflix with Columbia House Record Club, and you end up with

Interesting business model: Like Netflix, you set up a queue, only its comprised of CDs instead of DVDs. They have a fairly extensive — though by no means comprehensive — list. In fact, is owned by BMG, and the selection is quite similar is to that of BMG record club.

Each month, the next CD in your queue gets mailed to you, for $5.99, including mailing. Thats a very reasonable deal.

That’s right, all CDs are $5.99, and there is no charge for shipping or handling. Even better, the DVD/CD combos are also $5.99, And best of all, any of the many boxed sets are sold for (all together now) $5.99 per disc. From simple 2 disc sets, to all of the Led Zeppelin sets, to most of the Sinatra multi disc sets, to the wonderful and complete Ella Fitzgerald Songbooks (16 CDs!), are all $5.99 per disc. That is a fabulous deal. 

You can always buy any disc from their catalog at any time, independent of the queue. You can add, delete and rearrange the queue at anytime.

The catch is that if you do not have a disc queued up, you get billed $5.99 anyway. When I set mine up, I added 57 CDs, so I won’t have that problem until 2010.

They have a decent collection of Jazz (Sinatra, Ella, Armstrong, Coltrane, Miles,) — again, nothing exhaustive, but good starters and fill ins. Same for rock and pop.

I suspect that some of the A-list newer releases are’nt available for very long. The Best of Sheryl Crow disappeared, and so I moved Modest Mouse’s Good News For People Who Love Bad News up to the front of the queue.

So far, I recieved my first CD — came on time, and I was charged $5.99 (plus tax).

This looks promising,for those of us who like our digital music in a higher fidelity than MP3 or AAC . . .


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  1. brian commented on Jan 19

    As I read it you get 1 CD a month for $5.99 as a rental. That is about the same as Neflix (3 DVDs per month/same time for $18.99). If you wish to buy the CD it costs you an extra $5.99 in addition to your subscription for a USED CD. Correct me if I am wrong.

  2. Jeff commented on Jan 20

    Apparently you get one CD each month for $5.99, plus tax. The CD is yours to keep.

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  4. Business Opportunities Weblog commented on Jan 24

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  5. B commented on Feb 27

    I joined in the beginning of Feb and have only been able to log in ONE time. I keep getting an “enable cookies” message. I have had a computer technician look at my computer and he says it should be able to load and enter that site with no problem and still cannot do it. I can enter other sites that you need cookies enabled for with no problems, but not I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem. I can’t log-in, therefore can’t contact them to let them know of the problem.

  6. John commented on Apr 28

    Yes I have the same problem I get the message that say enable cookies I do that and still get the same message. I don’t know how to get in the site but my sister can and I use her’s until someone can tell me whats wrong and how to fix it so I can do in there on my computer.
    If anyone knows how can you please let me know
    Thank you

  7. Theresa commented on May 1

    I have the same problem with enable cookies error message I can sign on from work but not at home and I have yahoo….let me know if anyone can help :(

  8. Debbie Schweitzer commented on Jun 6

    I have been having the smae problem for weeks now. I have tried to contact them several times and they do not reply. I tried call the customer service numbe for BMG, their parent company, but they do not help either.
    It was working correctly for me for weeks before this happened.

  9. Michael A. Cicchi commented on Sep 15

    I am also now having the same “enable cookies” message problem with so I will have
    to call my credit card company and stop payments to them as soon as I get my last cd that I ordered.

  10. Olen Moore commented on Nov 26

    It appears that this “enable cookies” problem still exist. I can log in from work, however, not from home, which is where I signed up. I get my CDs, but I would like to browse in the comfort of my home for additional CDs. The price is right and the selection, so far, had been great.

  11. Michael A. Cicchi commented on Dec 18

    Previously, I wrote that I kept getting the “enable cookies” message, but after I went to Safari preferences
    I was able to update my “cookies” preferences and I was
    again able to access my queue so I put in 48 CDs so that
    I can rest assured that I will be set for the next 4 years.
    The only thing is that the price of the CDs went up to
    $6.99 each. I shall continue with them though because
    it is still a reasonable price, Michael.

  12. David commented on Mar 15

    I just recently joined YourMusic, it worked for several weeks then suddenly I began getting the “enable cookies” message each time I tried to solve on. I am unable to find a phone number to call this YourMusic and my e-mails go unanswered. I would strongly advise every one to avoid this site. It has definitely not been worth the frustration.

  13. David commented on Mar 15

    Obviously YourMusic.COM tries to plant spyware in your computer. Any site that refuses to provide a phone number for customer service is not to be trusted.

  14. Dallas commented on Mar 19

    I have been member for over a year now and this “enable cookie” thing just started showing up for me about a week ago. I have another computor in my home and it works from there but I don’t use that PC much and keep it shut down. What is the deal with these people?

  15. Dallas commented on Mar 21

    I got my reply from The time change caused it. Since DST change came early this year and I set my pc. manualy, the site did not work. I set my PC.clock back an hour and I can log in!

  16. david commented on Mar 21

    Dallas: Thank you. I also turned my clock back an hour and that fixed the problem. This was the only site affected, which I don’t understand, but it works fine now.

  17. Craig commented on Mar 22

    Yes indeed. Thank you Dallas. This whole thing was getting very frustrating. And thanks to Google as well for getting me to this page!

  18. mike commented on Mar 22

    wow thats ridiculous. It does work if you set your clock back. Means they haven’t updated their server for daylight savings and the cookies are showing up invalid because they don’t exist yet. Anyway my favorite part is when I tried to send in a email form to customer service. It said you have reached a page that no longer exists and then recommended I fill out the same form to inform them of the problem. Luckily the clock thing fixed that as well. I sent them a message describing the issue and a link to this thread.

  19. mike commented on Mar 23

    So it gets better. I sent them an email to let them know about the issue and that you can’t log in unless you set your clock back an hour and I get this.
    Thank you for contacting We are pleased to hear that this situation has been resolved. Thanks for shopping at Sincerely, Rachael Y.Customer For best service, please include this note with your reply.

    Awesome I’m sure they’re tech support is some dude in india who doesn’t even know what dst is.

  20. Dallas commented on Mar 26

    Glad I could help everyone!

  21. Dallas commented on Apr 1

    Now that DST is here, the site will not work again. Now I am really confused!

  22. Dallas commented on Apr 3

    Somehow my PC was 12 hours off when it tried to fix itself to the regular DST. The site is now working.

  23. Kimberly commented on Apr 12

    Thank you Dallas. I have been going nuts trying to figure out why this site wasn’t working.

  24. Melody commented on Mar 13

    Anyone know what to do when they don’t ship you Discs you’ve already paid for? It’s going on two months now and no one is getting back to me with an answer, just that they’re working on it. Now I can’t even log in, my account has been canceled. :(

  25. Greg commented on Mar 14

    The system worked fine for me until I gave 3 gift certificates at Christmas. NONE of the recipients are able to get anything shipped as of 3/14/08. Yourmusic claims a “system problem”, but it’s a 74 day old problem at this point, and they never chose to let me kmow they had kept my money but never shipped any CDs.

    Research reveals that HQ is at
    6550 E. 30th St.
    Indianpolis, Indiana, 46219-1194

    And the warehouse in Greenville, SC.

    They’ll hear more from me.

  26. Chad commented on Mar 22

    I have the same issue. I have been with your music for 2 years and decided to purchase my wife a gift subscription for Christmas this year. We have been through it all. At first it was the cookies problem, then it was a login issue, and now, as of 3 months later, they are trying to bill an old credit card. I paid for the gift subscription in full in december. I agree this is becoming an issue that needs to be resolved. After this is over I will never reccomend or use yourmusic again.

  27. Mike commented on Apr 26

    Maybe someone can help me. I’m trying to subscribe right now and I’m getting a long message about bad username and password…

    anyone have any ideas?

  28. cynthia commented on Apr 30

    I’am have same problem this is a new pc os what is up with that?

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