Apprenticed Investor: Time Waits for No One

Tscm_1The latest "Apprentice Investor" column is up:  Time Waits for No One.

It asks the question "Have you made sure the time you allocate to managing your assets is compatible with your investment style?"

If you answered no, then some solutions are offered.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s somewhat ironic: The average American works longer hours than anyone
else in the industrialized world. Yet we are lackadaisical in the amount of time
we are willing to commit to handling those same dollars when they become

This leads to all sorts of problems.

The good news is, however, it’s a relatively easy problem to fix.

Investment Style Determines Time Requirements

Taking on a project the demands of which are beyond your abilities to meet is
a guaranteed set of headaches. It leads to compromises, short cuts and losses.
Yet some investors undertake a trading regimen that requires far more time than
they have available.

The obvious example is daytrading. If you have a demanding job, trying to
trade intraday — while trying to juggle clients, subordinates and the boss —
is sheer folly.

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