Media Appearance: Bloomberg Radio (12/15/05)


Typepad seems to be glitchy this morning (I cannot access the Big Picture, but I can post ?!). On the off chance blogs are up before the market’s open, there’s this:

The BLR/U2 World Media Tour 2005 continues apace as we come to year end. Today, I’m doing Opening Bell for Bloomberg Radio from 9:30 to 10:00 am.

Funny thing is, I have not been making a concerted effort to do more media — the spate of WSJ, CNBC, Bloomberg stuff just happened — without any additonal encouragement from me. I’ve just been getting tagged alot more as we rush towards the end of the year.

One of the requests I get from people (alot) is the "How do I get on TV? question."  I plan on writing something up on that one day.

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  1. Gary commented on Dec 15

    Barry: You are on TV so much I wonder do you have a actors union book, do you receive union scale for the time spent on these shows!!! To me this TV stuff is a waste of time. How much business does it bring into your firm??? You would be better served hanging out on the floor of the NYSE and listening to Art Cashin adventure stories!!!
    “Go Browns”

  2. Barry Ritholtz commented on Dec 15

    LOL — not a cent!

    But it does generate name recognition, and I suspect it brings in a lot of business, good will, and deal flow we wouldn’t get otherwise . . .

    I actually get Art Cashin’s daily comments — they are very amusing!

  3. Gary Wever commented on Jul 30

    I have been trying to figure out FOREVER, how to get Art Cashin’s daily comments and cannot find a link to save my life. Please Help!!!

  4. carol ann commented on Jan 23

    Anybody figure out how to get Art Cashin’s comments each day? Does he have a web site?

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