Media-Palooza continues apace . . .

Excuse the light posting, as the year end media onslaught shows no sign of slowing down: 

After about an hour at Bloomberg — I literally jumped back into the booth to comment on the breaking Altria news — I go back to my office before running to the Nasdaq for a quick hit at NDTV. Then a meeting at UBS — a pal there took me to a terrific lunch at The Modern, the new restaurant adjacent  to MOMA.

Back to the office, where I have a 40 minute conversation with Business Week big surprise coming next week! Then off to Forbes for a quick year in preview video.

Mind you, this is on top of the WSJ on Monday and on Wednesday, Barron’s on Saturday, Reuters Tuesday, and Kudlow last and this week; Noah Blackstein was on tonite — I was sorely tempted to mix it up with him again!

Total compensation for this PR onslaught:  $0.00

That’s right, you don’t get paid diddley for any of this stuff. With a bajillion people willing to do this for free, none of the channels need to pay for any of this; Hell, half of them do not even provide transport.

I am whupped. I better get a helluva Xmas bonus this year to cover the millions of dollars of PR I generated for my employer.

I am so tired, I am actually rooting for a transit strike so I can stay home Friday . . .

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  1. Kevin Ness commented on Dec 15

    Boo hoo…
    Security will take me down at nearly all of those establishments. Maybe we can trade places.

  2. Emmanuel commented on Dec 17

    But, as you said, your firm gets a lot of attention, right? More publicity, more business–it’s all to the good. Then again, it might mean you have less time for blogging, though that’s another story…

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