How a Stock Analyst “knows” he’s the Shizznit

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Pepper . . . and Salt
WSJ, March 9, 2006

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  1. Donna commented on Mar 14


    The stock market is rallying again. Can you please tell me
    what day it’s going to crash on?

    I’m really getting tired of waiting.


    oh crap…$SPX is gonna break 1294. this IS TAKING FOREVER!!!

  2. anon commented on Mar 14

    cant wait for DJ to follow in tradition. Then they can direct you to their paid sites (wsj or barrons online) and double dip (saving costs on print side and charging for the online side.

    I dont read the NYT anyway. my reading in print runs out after PAGE 6

  3. jkw commented on Mar 14

    I don’t expect a crash particularly soon. I think there is almost no chance of predicting it in advance (once a near term crash is predictable, everyone will sell and cause it to happen immediately). I expect the market to go up through the end of the week. But once this quarter’s futures expire on Friday, anything could happen.

    I don’t think the market will crash without a catalyst. Iran’s oil exchange looks like it won’t open next week, so you’ll have to wait for something else. I consider a true one-day crash to be unlikely, but I have my long-dated puts just in case. It’s far more likely that prices will just drop at a moderate pace for most of the year (once they start actually going down). Probably a 10-20% drop from the peak to the end of the year. Although if hedge funds start blowing up, anything could happen. Watch the BOJ, ECB, and FED carefully.

  4. TonytheTiger commented on Mar 15


    This market can crash tommorow, or it can take 6 months. No one knows!…except for sylvia Browne.

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