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As previously hinted, the new project involves a website and a subscription based newsletter. Its a variation of the institutional research I’ve been doing for several years (only less dense and more readable). There have also been many requests for a live seminar (if that interests you, send an email here; the first seminar will be in NY next month).

What this will do is make available to the public a product similar to that going to institutional clients.

Part of the problem with making public comments about positions, specific trades, individual stocks, etc. is that it makes the lawyers freak out — they just hate it and go ballastic. "All risk/no reward" they scream. What happens if you change a position and you forget to post it? Are you posting everything? Is this audited? etc. etc.

The term "over-regulated" comes to mind.

It was bad enough when I was on the Sell side — I used to say whatever I wanted, on the assumption that so long as I was being honest and fully disclosing any positions, I was safe. The attorneys tell me that, despite there never being any "Imperial entanglements" I was probably more lucky than fully compliant.

It should be easier on the Buy Side without NASD regulations (SEC and State only) — but it hardly is. 

Once this project goes live, this blog will stay mostly the same — for 90% of the posts — with the exception of individual names/trades/specific calls moving over to the subscription site. To subscrine to that, you will be require to jump through all the legal BS/disclaimers/waivers/smiting of the first born that goes with justifying all those billable hours.

At least, it will keep the lawyers well fed and happy . . .

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  1. wnsrfr commented on Mar 22

    This is very interesting–how about price?

    My very well-grounded opinion is that if you price this at over $100/year, you will get, say, 200 subscribers. BUT, if you price it at, say, $20/year, you will get 5000 subscribers :)

  2. Damian commented on Mar 22

    Interesting idea – basically doing the same thing as Stephen Vita at Alchemy of Trading – and I have to say that he prices it way to high relative to the value (at least for me). I agree with the previous post – keep it cheap-cheap-cheap.

  3. Clayton Bigsby commented on Mar 22

    crap….. just what i need, another subscription.

  4. emdgmd commented on Mar 22

    I discovered this blog only a few weeks ago and really enjoy it. I’m really learning a lot. Please don’t price out the little guy.


  5. jcf commented on Mar 22

    … or keep it FREE, the truly creative approach, and become a knight in shining armor, continue to watch your Street profile rise and position yourself as a Third Party candidate in ’08.

  6. trader75 commented on Mar 22

    Twenty dollars a year! Good gravy. Should he throw in a free subscription to People Magazine too?

  7. Dave commented on Mar 22

    Seriously. $20/yr. ?!@…If the info is good you’ll figure out a way to make ur $$$ back. If u cannot, then perhaps u shouldn’t be subscribing.

  8. wnsrfr commented on Mar 23

    My $20 comment was just a fun lobbying move to save myself some moola.

    I really have no idea how elastic the demand will be for this newsletter overall. For me, I’m just trying to put a cone of protection around my bank account.

  9. Happy Camper commented on Mar 23

    Hey Barry, who’s minding the store at the e-mail link – sent in a request yesterday and no response yet…..

  10. royce commented on Mar 23

    Lot of money in newsletters. Forget the subscription- I’d like to just buy a few shares in…

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