Back in November 2004, I mentioned that The Street.com was takeover bait, following the Dow Jones purchase of Marketwatch. I wanted to write it up for The Street, but their internal policies prevented it. I mentioned TSCM stock again this past February.

Since then, TSCM stock has rallied; Recently, on good earnings, it has gone vertical.
TheStreet.com 3 year chart

Source: StockCharts

Astonishing. The only question is whether this is yet another sign of speculation in the markets . . .

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  1. Jason Ruspini commented on Apr 26

    And somehow this happens as the amount of outstanding free content on the web is growing briskly. Amazing what a change from “Rear Echelon Revelations” to “Booyah!” makes.

  2. royce commented on Apr 26

    Barry, you might want to check out the WSJ’s money section for Jeff Opdykes column on the new appetite for risky investments among retail investors. To be followed in a few months, no doubt, by a column on retail investors fleeing into safe sectors.

  3. jim commented on Apr 26

    Yahoo’s message boards of every $1 biodiesel, ethanol, biotech, etc. stock are jammed with jobless dreamers pumping their latest get rich quick pick. Yeah, it’s a mania all right.

  4. Alaskan Pete commented on Apr 26

    Look at that textbook pennant breakout. Gotta love it from a tech standpoint if you were waiting for it to break either way.

    That said, I don’t see the value in the website. Sure, they may generate some ad revenue now, but can they sustain it? I personally think their website is crap and certainly would never pay for “premium” content.

    It’s an interesting disconnect among the honchos at these big media sites. They obviously don’t understand the “reality” of how the internet works. The pay for content model is doomed to failure in all but a few specialized cases, as I’m sure the NY Times is finding out with their “Times Select” fiasco.

    With tons of content out there competing for eyeballs, if I can’t read something for free, I just read something else. At some point, these sites will wake up and either use the Salon.com model of “watch this ad for a day pass” tactic, or simply count on the free content driving hits, which drives ad revenue.

    Washington Post is an example of appointing someone to run their internet side who is inept (Jim Brady, a hack sportswriter who is completely clueless about blogs and most things internet). It’s painfully obvious that these people are not among the hard core net users. And thus, they will flail until they fail. Eventually, they will bring in some “punk kids” in their 30s who actually understand and keep up with the ever morphing net space, to consult. Then they MAY get it right.

  5. marty commented on Apr 26

    off subject to the “take off” of TSCM, which reminds of a sidelines full of cheerleaders and marching bands on both sides of the field, all going full blast, but strangely enough, on the field, is a backyard flag footbal game.

    I have a comment about Kudlow’s disgustingly dogmatic show. Yesterday I watched Nancy Pelosi deliver an outstanding speech about Bush that was long overdue. (and i’m not a pelosi fan, in the least).

    Later that day, on Kudlows show, he bashed Pelosi… For someone who is personaly looking for reasons to be proud of America, Kudlow hit a new low.

    Since I don’t have Kudlow’s ear… could you tell him he’s looking to me like the “underbelly of America” in the same vein as the ugly commentaries before him.


  6. boogie commented on Apr 26

    kudlow used to be a great economist. and i feel he has betrayed people who supported him as such during his comeback.

    it’s his right to do that.and i hope he enjoys his life in hell

  7. trader75 commented on Apr 26

    “it’s his right to do that.and i hope he enjoys his life in hell”

    ROFL… for some reason that killed me… maybe the image of Kudlow-as-Bongo in a one-eared rabbit suit… thanks for the best laugh I’ve had in weeks

  8. drey commented on Apr 26

    It’s mostly good clean fun until LK openly suggests the CIA should take out the democratically elected leader of a south american oil producing country (who happens to be a left wing —hole but that’s not the point) – still not sure if he was serious or if this was just shtick, but it doesn’t really matter. Comments like this are reckless and irresponsible, and ultimately undermine our foreign policy…

    Hopefully not many people are watching the schmuck.

  9. jim commented on Apr 26

    drey, nobody on the planet takes Kudlow seriously. He has less credibility than Cramer.

  10. drey commented on Apr 27

    You’re probably right Jim – it just pisses me off that idiots like him have a platform…

  11. Larry Nusbaum, Scottsdale commented on Apr 27

    “Astonishing. The only question is whether this is yet another sign of speculation in the markets . . . ”


  12. Mav commented on May 31

    Hey great mention of TCSM then! What do you say now regarding TCSM’s future? TCSM has held up in the face of a bad market and has been recommended highly on my blog,

    The biggest gainer from Cramer’s poplarity

    Do you think TCSM moves higher from here? Thanks for the great info!

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