Nike + Apple = Cool Gadgets

This is a pretty cool use of ipod technology (and an excuse to run a photo of a scantily clad lass).


And, Apple continues to push the envelope further; They are refusing to rest on their laurels with the iPod, and they are making it harder for the also rans to catch up.

While Apple is innovating, and creating products that delight their customers, Dell is loading their PCs with crapware. And, Microsoft is not exactly burning up the market with anything innovative.

Here’s the Apple Nike PR announcement, and Apple/Nike webpagess:

Cool looking software — it might turn me back into a runner, fat bastard that I am . . .



UPDATE: May 24, 2006 1:39pm

Very cool video at Nike’s showing how the tech works in real life.


The future is here NOW. Expect to see many more of these innovative gadgets over the next, well, always! 

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  1. brian commented on May 23

    why not just get a pedometer? McDonald’s was giving away them for free in each happy meal last year.

  2. stevo commented on May 23

    I gotta agree. If this is innovation then I guess I can do without it.

  3. mentalmodel commented on May 23

    A sure sign the H-1B visa cap should be lifted.

  4. Cliff commented on May 23

    The problem with putting technology in running shoes this way is that everyone’s foot is different. The people who happen to be cut for Nike running shoes might buy it, but I think most runners want shoes that fit well and are the most comfortable for their individual feet and are unlikely to migrate based on this type of gimmick.

  5. wilmer commented on May 23

    Gotta disagree with the posters above. Seems like a great idea and just in time for the outdoor summer running season and this is just the start.

  6. jw commented on May 23

    who gives a crap about the technology and running season and whatnot?

    that’s just a hilarious post.

  7. Nona commented on May 23

    What matters is the imagination that informs the concept and product, IMHO.

    Might this product crash and burn? Maybe yes, maybe no. But if Apple keeps coming up with imaginative products, they’re bound to have some hits — THAT’S what matters.

  8. econjohn commented on May 23

    i’m intrigued. the price is waaay better than the garmin gps watch i’ve been considering. no way i’m replacing my new balance shoes, though. i’ll wait they’ll come up with an in-lace version to fit any shoe.

  9. kevin commented on May 24

    How does this system tell how far you have run? Is it counting your steps and multiplying that by the distance per step you have preset or does it have some way to measure the actual distance travelled?
    If this makes it more fun for some folks, so they take up running or run more, that’s great.

  10. YouAreFatIdiots commented on May 24

    Why all the cynicism? These are GREAT product ideas. These new products are much better than the iTunes boom-box from hell a while back. Anything that helps make working out fun and interactive (with net peers) is good for everyone. It wouldn’t be so bad for your buddy to challenge you to a virtual race, where you had to get out from behind your computer and actually work up a sweat.

    Besides, this whole “Internet Thing” is making me fat. And I’m sure your forearms are absolutely ripped from all the keyboarding damage inflicted from your day trading … or in reality, are you turning into a bowl of jelly?

    As soon as these iPod’s start having streaming stock quotes, you would be falling all over yourselves. Maybe you should iTune out, get some exercise, clear your heads, and trade better.

    The iPod is turning out to be a great platform.

  11. CrossProfit commented on May 24

    Exactly! It’s a platform that AAPL is building upon. Jobs is going after mass market gadgets that cost less than $50. This is a great hedge against a possible slowdown in $2000 computer sales in 2007.

    This is just the first bite.

    This reply was written by a CrossProfit analyst. This is a personal view and may not reflect the views of

  12. Mark commented on May 24


    “Fat bastard”? No one here thinks you are a bastard.

  13. Cliff commented on May 24

    It probably uses accelorometers in the shoe. I have one of Nike’s Speed Distance Monitors (SDM) and the nice thing about them is they work inside instead of only when you have a gps signal.

    BTW: The running season already started a month or two ago.

  14. paul commented on May 24

    “scantily clad” ????

    Um, her arms are bare and there’s a hint of cleavage, but her midriff isn’t even showing (as is tru with many sports bras). I’m worried about your obvious lack of media consumption and what really passes for scantily clad in ads, magazine covers, billboards, and on the internet in general.

    The napster ad you posted a while back better fits the description

  15. Matt commented on May 24

    Running is one of the few times I can THINK in peace. Why ruin it with an iPod?

    And I too won’t give up my New Balance 76x shoes for anything. Probably on my 10th pair now.

  16. fixx commented on May 24

    how anyone can run in nike’s is beyond me. i guess these are the same people who have bose soundsystems.

  17. david commented on May 24


    Before you completely dismiss Nike, you should try running in some of the shoes which comprise the Bowerman series. They are really good shoes, though I believe that they are only found at stores which specifically cater to runners.

    The Nikes [like the Shoxx or whatever they are called] that you find in stores at malls [e.g., The Finish Line] are completely worthless. I agree.

    For me, the real test as to whether this is a fad is to see whether they try to sell these to the hardcore runners through the Bowerman series. I wager they won’t because they know only the masses will fall for it.

  18. darland commented on May 24

    Stupid poseur gimmickry.

  19. teraflop commented on May 29

    I switched from Tiger to Nike in 1979, starting with the original old Waffle sole and never stopped buying Nike. I’m due for a new set and this new thing makes me consider it as I’m already a Nano owner. What makes me pause is fit (of course), comfort (I use air soles), and durability (rain, mud, & heat don’t stop me). If the sole-mounted gadget is durable and the shoes met my requirements, I’d get it.

    But the same reason I don’t have a pedometer is why I have a problem with this stupid poseur gimmick. I don’t think it suits all runners. Sometimes my pace is long, sometimes it’s short, it depends on my energy level and road conditions. There’s a reference path I take that is 4.4 miles long exactly – but using a pedometer or pace watch it goes anywhere from 3-5 miles – what use is that?

    Regardless, I’ll consider it for use as a stopwatch & integerated time-tracker, nothing more, it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while anyways.

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