Coming Soon: Google Music


ZD Net reports that:

"Google has just added "/music" to their robots.txt file which
can only mean one thing — Google Music is getting closer.  I had a couple of tips from someone
with regards to Google Music last week that seemed to suggest things are

Disallow: /music

Not only that, Google just today announced a deal with Pearl Jam that gives people free access to their new
music video "Life Wasted" on Google Video under a Creative
Commons license

Interesting development . . .


Google Music gets closer
Garett Rogers
ZDNet, 3:29 pm, May 19, 2006

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  1. wcw commented on May 23

    Wow. Maybe someday someone will finally put some lobbying money behind rolling back the Sonny Bono Permanent Copyright And Disney’s Frozen Head Subsidy Act, or whatever that monstrosity was called.

    Doubt it, though.

  2. emd commented on May 23

    when did pearl jam start making videos again??

    i just watched it…. song is pretty sweet but the video sucks (NIN did this same video about 10yrs ago)


  3. Robert Cote commented on May 23

    Wow, this could make the stock worth a lot more say maybe as much as $80.

  4. royce commented on May 23

    What a forward thinking, original idea. Where on earth could I find music on the internet? Meanwhile, Google’s search functionality is stuck someplace in 1999.

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