After the show, Cody asked me where I was position wise, and my answer was mostly cash, (but not short enough):


Here’s what it looks like right now; Funny thing is earlier this week I had an 80% cash position, but the option postion grew.

Money Funds   75.2%

Stocks  11.8%

Short Trade  5.0%

Portfolio Credit Line  4.7

Long Options   3.1%

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  1. wcw commented on Jun 9

    Is the stock section sum[abs(long),abs(short)] or is that your net position?

    FD: trading account is.. dig dig..
    -60% short
    50% long
    5% long calls
    3% long puts
    -4% short puts
    105% cash
    ..plus a little rounding, I think.

    Some of these (the lowered long put exposure, the short put exposure, some of the longs) are leveraged either explicitly or implicitly, and a large chunk of the short position is short CRF as a long-term the-premium-to-NAV-must-go play, so this is not as bearish a posture as it appears.

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