Young FrankenSteve (or, Ballmer goes Beserk)

This is so f%*&ng funny, I had to interrupt today’s market debacle for a quick laugh:


You may now return to your previously scheduled whackage . . .


via GMSV


UPDATE June 8, 2006 1:25pm

Paul Kedrosky adds to the hilarity, pointing to the infamous Steve Ballmer "monkey boy" video. (Paul thinks Ballmer must go).

Kirk (in comments) points to the antiperspirant malfunction video, while Mr. Beach points to the all time mashup classic, and my personal favorite, Ballmer’s Developers  remix.

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  1. Mr. Beach commented on Jun 8

    Developers. Developers.

    This is the original and the best. IMHO.

  2. Robert Cote commented on Jun 8

    ROTFL but didn’t you forget to remind us that this is NOT investment advice?

    My tech underground nerdnet is beginning more whispers about beta 2 and slap patching and reduced feature sets and such. More concerns about Office bloat and both splitting into so many versions and liscense variations that FUD may win. M$FT has cash, marketshare and mindshare where it counts. I won’t bet against them but consider Apple offering OS X/iLife/iWork at anything close to M$FT volume OEM liscensing prices.

  3. rob commented on Jun 8

    he who picks bottoms ends up with smelly finger

    but lets give it up for a late afternoon rally!

  4. C commented on Jun 8

    I have to agree with Kadrofsky.

    I am stubbornly holding on to my MSFT shares (now down almost 18%)–praying for a special dividend or share buyback, as I’m sure many are at this point. Long term I think they will do OK. The question becomes, HOW LONG?

    Ballmer does not inspire confidence, to put it mildly.

  5. rdr commented on Jun 8

    Isn’t this the kind of behavior that cost former Gov. Howard Dean any chance of becoming the Democratic nominee for President in 2004?

  6. commented on Jun 9

    The Other Cool Search Tool

    We’re actually a bit hesitant to let you in on the latest cool new search tool. It is so useful that we expect to be developing lots of items from it. Maybe we should just keep it to ourselves and…

  7. Herb Goodfriend commented on Jun 11

    Not so hysterical as the Ballmer videos but still very funny: “Microsoft Re-designs the iPod package.”

  8. MjForgit commented on Jun 12

    Now we know that Steve Ballmer can NEVER run for President!!

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