The Investor and the Hedge Fund Manager

A quick Friday joke:

The investor hands the hedge fund manager a £10 note.

"Get me a drink that meets my needs. If I like your choice, I’ll buy the drinks all night" says investor before leaving for the toilet.

Confused by the demand, the hedge fund manager shrugs and orders them a pint of Guinness each.

The barman pours the drinks, takes the cash, and then tells the hedge fund manager "You should have got him a vodka."

"Really? Why vodka over Guinness?" ask the bemused fund manager?

"More transparency, greater liquidity" replies the barman.

Too late! The investor had already gone . . .

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  1. Big Al commented on Aug 18

    What brand of Vodka was it ?

  2. Alaskan Pete commented on Aug 18

    Should have given him a roofie laced shot of rotgut bottom shelf tequila. That way the investor wouldn’t resist getting f%*ked and would walk away with a bad taste in his mouth.

  3. GRL commented on Aug 18

    Speaking of jokes, what about the Microsoft share buyback?

  4. kevin_r commented on Aug 18

    Alaskan Pete,
    Surely there are days when you feel that that is exactly what has been done.

  5. tyoung commented on Aug 19

    Off topic but I notice it was ten pounds(sterling) the investor handed the fund manager. Is there a sterling and a euro sign on the standard American keyboard?

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