10/11/06 upside down is 9/11/01

10/11/06 = is 9/11/01

How’s this for a conspiracy theory? (Really more pattern recognition than anything)

Doug Kass makes the observation — as a plane plows into a building in NYC — that today’s date is 9/11/01 turned upside down.


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  1. Greg Newton commented on Oct 11

    With all due respect – not irony – to Mr Kass, 10/11/06 “upside down” is 90/11/01, which date does not appear on any calendar I can find.

  2. LAWMAN commented on Oct 11

    Greg…don’t point that out! You’ll upset all the kooks looking for a conspiracy….

  3. Uncle Jack commented on Oct 11

    And when I stand on my head my loose change falls out of my pocket; it went in as 55 cents but when I was upside down it came out as 45 cents. What do you make of that?

  4. angryinch commented on Oct 11

    How come no one finds it disturbing that Al Qaeda has infiltrated the Yankees? I had a feeling something wasn’t kosher when they laid down like dogs in the playoffs. Now we know why.

  5. Thom commented on Oct 11

    Actually, it’s 90/11/01.

  6. Addiction Treatment commented on Oct 11

    Freaky indeed, but dont be afraid. It’s all in our heads remember.

  7. HT commented on Oct 11

    Last [sane] Bear standing?

    Oh Lord– first BR–who I have shared macroecon views with before I knew of the blog [and have both been wrong– well getting our 5%] keeps ever so subtly [but I have you on TIVO Barry, so sorry, no “we said this all along” or it’s youtube time]– you have been dropping your “doom ” timeline from 1st quarter on to Q 2 then to the 3rd [even long—how ‘bout that—in a trade of course…] and now..?– [I have Kudlow on Tivo–so I have the evidence—why Kudlow?? whew… for another day].

    Then Kass? didn’t see his piece, but if its what being described here, yet another contrarian has gone bonkers [to add to that BR’s guest chap that ‘GOP oil manipulation’ quackery]–all now we need is to have my favorite curmudgeon Jimmy Rogers to say go long housing and the SPY, and I’ll buy puts till the cows come home…

    Let’s go guys– get it over with–go bullish or psycho—or both. Kass looked like he had sea sickness and a hangover and a sunburn on Kudlow the other day [the sailor’s nightmare]. Got to find my boy Jimmy on the upper west side or at Botin’s in Madrid chowing on suckling pig and get this figured out while the VIX is still low…

  8. whipsaw commented on Oct 12

    sorry HT, but you lost me entirely. Maybe the mushrooms weren’t a good idea after all?

  9. sneakypie commented on Oct 12

    That’s what happens when a guy named Ritholtz tries using the calendar of the goyim….

  10. Nick commented on Oct 12

    Barry, you must have been really bored to post this. Get back to the markets.

  11. louie commented on Oct 12

    Don’t fuck with Steinbrenner.

  12. jf commented on Oct 12

    he meant upside down and backwards, like a slide.

  13. BettinaZ commented on Oct 12

    Uncle Jack,

    Maybe there’s a dime in your pocket?

  14. Snugglebunny commented on Jan 20

    I think you all need to grow up. Thousands of people died on 9/11. Mr Lidles Plane crash was a huge accident. No conspiracy. They are dead, and now years later after 9/11, we just sit here and make jokes on the internet. I too have a sense of humor. but not when its in bad taste. It all should have never happened. What happened happened and thats, that. And if you stop and think like an adult for 20 seconds, you too would realize the same thing. I hope the majority of your immature tasteless postings feel ashamed of yourselves, because you most certainly should. If you have a problem with me, take it up amyin916@yahoo.com

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