“Incredible Talent Pool, Zero Competition”



Buried in yesterday’s rather prescient retail comments was a somewhat cheeky description of the purty young thangs I spotted in Bloomingdale’s shoe department.

So when our forecast for punk retail sales proves to be dead on, what gets picked up by the WSJ?

The fact that I am a horndog:

"Meanwhile, we interrupt the usual rundown of financial blogs to give you Barry Ritholtz’s views on Bloomingdale’s — particularly the shoe department — in his review of retailers. "The women’s departments had more people than the men’s, but were not particularly crowded," he writes. "The lone exception was the shoe section, which was an absolute madhouse. I wish I had known about this place before I was married. If you are single guy living in NY, you can forget about single bars — this is where you want to hang out (incredible talent pool, zero competition)."

I should have known that, despite the brilliant missive regarding the true state of retail, my actual value add was my revealing a secret locale where to find young lovelies.



MarketBeat: Tomorrow’s Worries, Today
The Jobs Report
November 2, 2006 2:13 p.m.:

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  1. KP commented on Nov 3

    Best of luck with Mrs. Big Picture.

  2. dryfly commented on Nov 3

    So much for ‘no competition’…

    You must never have been a fisherman… if you had you would have known to NEVER share your best ‘honey holes’ with anyone… not your brother, your best friend, even your priest in confession… NO ONE.

    And especially not share it in public.

    If you want to take them there – you blindfold them first then drive them around CIA-like for an hour first. Might raise eyebrows doing that in Manhattan – but your fellow ‘brothers’ would know what was up (and might try to tail you – be prepared for the quick ditch).

    Sheeesh – where did you learn you ‘mancraft’?

  3. MarkM commented on Nov 3

    I see a trade on the horizon. That $200K gold watch for “anything, ANYTHING to make you forgive me , Honey”.

  4. Barry Ritholtz commented on Nov 3

    Mrs. Big Picture was the first person who heard me say — “Check out the talent here!” (she laughed about it)

    Not to suggest she’s cocky or anything, but she’s been known to say “Check out that hottie” or “Get a load of her rack.”

    Yeah, she’s pretty sure she’s in charge . . .

  5. Jason commented on Nov 3

    Insight is insight, whatever the topic…

  6. SINGER commented on Nov 3

    dude, you did do that whole japanese phallus post…

    Besides who in the world doesn’t admire “fine examples of God’s handiwork.”

    At least we know you are human now!!!!

  7. Gary commented on Nov 3

    At least you didn’t suggest getting a part time job during the upcoming holidays working in the shoe department!
    You may give ideas to those interested working at these low altitudes.

    This is no different than those who used to say to ‘take an aerobic class’ for the same reasons.

  8. JAS commented on Nov 3

    No good deed goes unpunished.

  9. lurker commented on Nov 3

    hot yoga!
    aerobics is so 80s…

    Ms. Big Picture sounds way cool.

  10. David Silb commented on Nov 3

    You know you ever think of being a man about town for eharmony or match.com? With insights like this you may even guest spot on Access Hollywood or The Insider.

    This would be a real move up in the world Barry you should consider it. ;^)

  11. tt commented on Nov 3

    did you show off your $200K watch and get a few phone numbers ????? LOL

  12. muckdog commented on Nov 3

    Was that you lurking around the shoe department? Might also want to try heading over to cosmetics where they do the make-overs and asking “I’m a little concerned about my TV spots and looking best for the camera. Can you ladies show me some tips?”

    Oh, and not even the second coming of the Great Depression will keep women away from the shoe department. Not a great read on the state of the overall economy, me thinks….

  13. Mr. Beach commented on Nov 3

    Offtopic: Barry, I’m surprised you haven’t done a post about Borat opening today. Who needs the payrolls number — bring on the crazy kazakh!

    Make sure you get your tickets early — it is already selling out here in LA.

  14. Chief Tomahawk commented on Nov 3


    Go there during the Anniversary Sale in late July… there’s no space in the women’s footwear section then.

  15. scorpio commented on Nov 3

    this site now officially devoted to “loose shoes, and tight stops”

  16. Chief Tomahawk commented on Nov 3

    Oops! I confused Bloomingdale’s with Nordstroms.

  17. cm commented on Nov 4

    This revelation has probably ruined it for a number of women. Imagine being a good-looking and shapely lady going to look for shoes, only to be waylaid by horny bachelors (or worse, married men) looking for an easy ****.

    I’m glad I’m me, never having to fend off horny women. Sometimes women ask my advice about beer though.

  18. Mr. Beach commented on Nov 4

    Just came back from Borat. Oh my god. It is the *funniest* film I have *ever* seen. And I’ve seen a lot of films. Sacha Baron Cohen is a comic virtuoso — the Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods of his craft.

    Barry: hopefully you caught it this weekend. What did you think?

  19. Yaser Anwar commented on Nov 4

    Ah Barry you should have posted this earlier! Like 3 months, I was 20 then and in NY for my internship with no clubs to go to (due to my apparent under-age’ness’)

    I know where I’m headed next time I’m in NY! lol

  20. dblwyo commented on Nov 4

    Well actually now we know a) where true value-add lies, b) what we all share in common vs the “occaisional” political vitriol exchanges and c) what that august temple to disappassionate journalism and financial reporting is also really interested in.

    Amazing – we’re all human after all.

    p.s. – implicit in this and other comments is that most of us are male. The ladies (lord love ’em all, the long, the short and the tall) are probably either rolling on the floor or rolling their eyes going “boys, boys”

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