Stock Traders Almanac 40th Anniversary Dedication

A few of you have written sending word of the dedication in this year’s Stock Traders Almanac 40th Anniversary. I was tremendously humbled to have it dedicated to me:


This Fortieth Anniversary Edition is respectfully dedicated to: Barry L. Ritholtz

One of the brightest minds and irreverent voices on Wall Street today, we are honored to consider Barry a colleague and a friend. His adroit commentary is unique in that it is both classical nature and out-of-the-box by design. Ritholtz Capitol Management implements his proprietary Market Timing Model with uncanny accuracy whether long, short or neutral. Barry truly is one Wall Street’s important thinkers and rising stars.


Thanks for the kind words. . . . and to Jeff and Judd . . . (I think these guys asked my mom to write that!)



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  1. SINGER commented on Nov 3

    props and respect B Real

  2. trendwatcher commented on Nov 3

    Great going, Barry. Well deserved.

  3. jab commented on Nov 3

    Definitely deserved – Congrats!!!

  4. Carl commented on Nov 3


    I concur. You have earned this and you deserve this.

    From all of us who loathe drivel,
    All the best,

  5. bushsux commented on Nov 3

    Wow, AND he knows where the hotties hang out and his wife doesn’t mind?!!!!

    007 ain’t got nothing on you Barry.

    You are shagadelic!

  6. fiat lux commented on Nov 3

    Congratulations Barry!

  7. MarkM commented on Nov 3

    Can’t wait for the Market Timing Model to say short this pig.

  8. yc32 commented on Nov 3

    Congratulations Barry!

  9. bushsux commented on Nov 3

    If everyone thinks the market only stays up until the election then who is still waiting by the exits???? If the market does not start selling off in earnest on Monday then, to fool the most market participants, perhaps it doesn’t sell off at all. Of course, the sell off on the “news” of the republicans losing right and left in the elections, may be a self-fulfilling prophecy at this point. Market did look like it was rolling over this week.

  10. Leisa commented on Nov 3

    Barry, what wonderful recognition. Intellectual integrity is important–who would think that a shoe department lurker would be capable of such!

  11. Fred commented on Nov 3

    Very cool.

  12. Greg commented on Nov 4

    In a sea of hubris, bias, and hyperbole, it’s good to know that authenticity still exists and gets accolades.
    You’re the one blog that my clients read. Best wishes in life and biz.

  13. kevin mckern commented on Nov 4

    Congrats Barry. I also knew of you from your cult of the bear series and you took to time to write after I expressed a view. And followed it up with another later. Great Blog. Respect’

  14. MarkM commented on Nov 4

    Okay WAY off topic but I picked this up from Richard Russell yesterday:

    “For years I have used a chart in Investor’s Business Daily to provide me with a picture of how the average investor is doing. The chart I use is IBD’s chart of their Mutual Fund Index. This is an Index of 24 leading growth mutual funds. Since January 1, the IBD Mutual Fund Index as of yesterday was up 4.68%. I figure the IBD Index does better than the average investor, so let’s say the average investor has generated a total return of 4.00%, and that’s before he’s paid his taxes.”

    Is this an accurate representation of how an average investor does?

  15. zell commented on Nov 4

    Well Deserved ! Don’t know how you do it. I read Random Roger who quotes you regularly. You’re the man. The proof is in the sweater.

  16. S commented on Nov 4

    Congrats on the decication.

    Something of interest: My impression of Bill Gross, perhaps because he manages one of the largest treasury bond funds on the planet, is that he’s a pretty risk averse guy. Not sure if that’s a fair characterization. Because of my perception about him, I find it fascinating that he’s making a case for selectively levering up to generate excess return.

  17. ~ Nona commented on Nov 4

    As we all know, the most meaningful recognition of all comes from peers — and that’s what you just received: meaningful recognition.


  18. DD commented on Nov 4

    mazel tov

  19. Charles Faulkner commented on Nov 4

    Well deserved!
    – A recent reader who is recommended this site to everyone I know in the business.

  20. toddZ commented on Nov 4

    that’s amazing!
    Anything in there about Dow 6000? ;)

  21. Bob A commented on Nov 4

    You are the King!

  22. mojave commented on Nov 4

    I agree of course w/ all the accolades and recognition. I’ll add: Barry you’ve also saved me alot of time – when considering whether to write a blog a couple yrs ago I stumbled upon yours. Since then when the idea re-occurs, I just remind myself that your blog is already everything I could hope to express, and done w/ more wit, energy, balance and flair than I could ever put together myself. Nice job, and eternal thanks for the effort. Best wishes.

  23. muckdog commented on Nov 4

    Nice touch. Congrats.

  24. Ganesh commented on Nov 5

    I read your posts daily and consider them to be very good and neutral.

    Congrats on the dedication

  25. bob commented on Nov 5

    Congratulations !!!!…..!!! And to your mom, too :)

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