Here’s the Video feed from today’s appearance.

click for video

I can get Audio, but I’ll be damned if I can get the Video to show on IE6.

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  1. dblwyo commented on Dec 6

    Nicely done – video works just fine but then I’m on FF. So your estimate of recession chances next year is ? A question not answered. Also, eventually, found the vid on the CNBC site but took a little searching. New layout is great and glad to see the re-launch. They may really have something.

  2. dblwyo commented on Dec 6

    Alright Nouriel – if you wouldn’t mind a personal question ? Edit/Delete otherwise.

    Do you ever sleep ? Or are you working all the time ? And how do you manage to keep up with all the blogs, data, reports and your dayjob.

    Don’t stop please but the dusting on your hair raises a few questions. Maybe just bad lighting.


    BR: Nouriel?

  3. grodge commented on Dec 6

    Video comes in and out on IE7. The suit is great! Very good color for you.

  4. muckdog commented on Dec 6

    Well, can’t say I agree with BR on the inflation point of view. Neither does the bond market.

    And with interest rates for home mortgages falling below 6% again, it’ll be interesting if that spurs home activity. Lots of inventory out there. But there are signs folks are taking their homes off of the market. Unemployment is low, and as long as folks can make their payments and their job situation is stable, I don’t see a rush to sell their home and move into an apartment or a cardboard box on the side of the road.

    I can’t recall the housing starts number off the top of my head, but it’d be nice to see the builders cutting back and removing some of the excess new inventory coming out. It wouldn’t take long with interest rates really low.

    Just thinking out loud.

  5. Fred commented on Dec 6

    Great interview. You could help CNBC with their website design, too.

  6. Jdamon commented on Dec 6

    Interestingly enough, I have a couple of buddies who got burned bad during the bursting of the bubble who got out of the market completely and started “flipping” homes, rehabing and renting. They are slowly being sucked back into the market. I am wondering if the increased attractiveness relative to housing/real estate is giving the market a boost as well?

    Also, no one talks about the massive underfunded pension plans within the US that will have to invest large amounts of cash in the coming years. Where do you think a large chunck of that money will be going? You guessed it, the ole stock market.

  7. Anonymous Coward commented on Dec 6

    Honeywell implemented all of it’s internal websites for IE only. Then IE7 comes along and guess what, employees can’t upgrade because the sites don’t work. Remember all of the “optimized for Internet Explorer” websites? Ha ha ha.

    How much fracking money has M$ wasted on IE? Has anything positive come of it? Just a bunch of security holes. IE is a POS exercise in machismo much like Iraq.

    *cough* Firefox *cough* Standards based *cough* Don’t be sheeple *cough*

  8. S commented on Dec 6

    Very well done interview. Perhaps it’s me, but your outlook sounds more tempered in on TV than on the blog.

    Sock puppets rule.

  9. winjr commented on Dec 6

    “Also, no one talks about the massive underfunded pension plans within the US that will have to invest large amounts of cash in the coming years. Where do you think a large chunck of that money will be going?”

    The bigger question is: Where will that money come from? We could start with the most important “pension plan” of all: Medicare.

  10. dryfly commented on Dec 6

    Up until recently I had been having tons of trouble with vid feeds on IE7… but then I updated my Java runtime add-in & a lot of my problems seem to have gone away.

    Your vids came in great even though I hooked up through a fairly weak (though fast 54Mbps ‘g’) wireless connection at a cheap hotel on I80 in rural Iowa.

    Considering all that – outstanding.

    Full Disclosure: I have no position in Sun Micro… LOL.

  11. dave commented on Dec 6

    Homeowners pulling 50-100 thousand dollars from their home equity. If this activity ceases next year you think it will bring down GDP a half a point, maybe a full point? That much huh.

    What about the guys whose ARM’s have adjusted up to $3,000/month from $1600/month. Do you think they may contribute a bit less to GDP going forward.

    How much does a company stock buyback add to GDP? Because that seems to be where business activity is focused this year.

    Computer and home electronics prices have always declined, but I’m not sure folks are recognizing the fact price declines are happening much faster this year. How much is the $29.00 DVD player going to cost next year?

    Yeah, I think GDP may slow next year too, but not by one or two points.

  12. BDG123 commented on Dec 7

    Tis better to be heard than seen. I’m surprised such a MS bear would be using IE. Aren’t you using FF or an Apple browser?

    Btw, love that first picture. Is that your annual pose for the KGB summer picnic?

  13. my1ambition commented on Dec 7

    In my opinion (yes I know) you seem to once again ignore the big picture. Friends who only have two places to put their money, stocks and real estate? Now I know what Jim Roggers means when he says commodities get no respect. (or maybe we just have to wait till the “end of equities” till your friends catch on.)

    And Barry, no mention of gold? Even SOME portfolio exposure?

  14. MarkM commented on Dec 7

    Okay okay. I am STUPID for installing IE7. Got that out of the way. Now, the Favorite Posts entries don’t show up, as well as ANY of the entries under the right hand Nav Bar.

  15. KP commented on Dec 7

    This is the first time I’ve seen you live so to speak and you almost seemed a little nervous, although a hell of lot more composed than I would be! That’s a good thing in my opinion, it shows that you are more professional analyst than talking head, and that’s a plus to those of us who pay attention. I’d also imagine it’s hard trying to squeeze so much important info into such a small amount of actual air time. Overall, fantastic interview.

  16. Chad in Japan commented on Dec 9

    Works just fine here in Japan.

    Ever notice that Barry could play Alec Baldwin’s brother (not that he has enough silbings already)…?

  17. martha commented on Jan 10


  18. Elizabeth Grimsley commented on Mar 21

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