Welcome to the Internet

Terrific graphic depiction of the internet via hello eboy:


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  1. rebound commented on Dec 6

    I guess I’ll be the first to ask the obvious. Is this a depiction of the rated-G version of the internet?

  2. equiraptor commented on Dec 6

    It’s the SFW version. ;)

  3. Rob commented on Dec 6

    No fark.com?

  4. MooPoint commented on Dec 6

    Exactly, where is the porn? I though it made up roughly 99% of the internet (+/- 10% 19 times out of 20)

  5. Ice Cold Mo commented on Dec 6

    I did not see the center position occupied by the Al Gore Throne, who self-proclimated himself to be most famous innovator and creator of the Internet!

  6. Robert Coté commented on Dec 6

    No eBay, no Apple, no p0rn, no spawn of Napster, no MSN, no Carnivore, no Big Picture, no iTunes Music Store, no WSJ…

    Alright, I was kidding about the MSN bit. ;-)

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