Freakonomics author Steven Levitt

Economist and Freakonomics author Steven Levitt guest on the Colbert Report:

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  1. TempusFugit commented on Dec 9

    By extension this explains why so many bloggers live with their Moms.

  2. curmudgeonly troll commented on Dec 9

    An economist looks at what works in the real world and wonders if it works in theory…

    Economics: the painful elaboration of the obvious.

  3. Jim Bergsten commented on Dec 9

    Help me out people.

    Is Colbert’s “nativity” set some sort of calculated subtle insult, or the height of trendy art? I’m too far removed from the cultural elite to hazard an imformed opinion.

    p.s. Birth order DOES matter. But, so does name spelling — Charles, Chuck, and Charley are three very different people.

  4. brion commented on Dec 9

    Jim. colbert is a Liberal who dies his show neo-con blackface. So for the Nativity scene, think of O’Reilly’s “War on christmas”. Colbert’s whole show is pretty much a send-up of O’Reilly only with Liberal/Progressive guests that Colbert lovingly skewers.

  5. brion commented on Dec 9

    lol. that should be “does his show in neo-con blackface”

    (never post in a dark room)

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