Capitalist Cred

I guess this is what passes for a pickup line these days; The biggest joke is that its $36 bucks for a T shirt . . .


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  1. dblwyo commented on Feb 15

    Sorry, can’t resist. The direction is to open-ended. All it needs is the complementary t-shirt “O.K. Turn-around. Scented or unscented ?”

  2. Mike M commented on Feb 15

    The official sign of the bull market top.

  3. Bob A commented on Feb 15

    Shouldn’t it say:
    Bend over. I’m a Hedge Fund Manager?

  4. paul commented on Feb 15

    My Hedge Fund Blew Up and All I have Left Is This Lousy T-Shirt

  5. Mike McCurdy commented on Feb 15

    Funny, I didn’t read it as an appeal to get laid but as a self criticism.

  6. John F. commented on Feb 16

    Are you getting 2 and 20 for sharing this with us?

  7. lurker commented on Feb 16

    yes, it read like self-loathing (loving?) to me also…

  8. me commented on Feb 16

    Nice Bob A, brought a laugh here.

  9. David commented on Feb 16

    Why hasn’t anyone printed up t-shirts that say, “I’m Nouveau Riche!” (see Revenge of the Nerds IV for context and inflection)?

  10. trader75 commented on Feb 17

    Where’s the hand sewn cigar pocket?

  11. Jon H commented on Feb 17

    Evidently the message is directed at salesmen and marketers, not possible romantic partners.

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