Dick Dale on Record Labels

Dick Dale tells the record label to go f#@% themselves:

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  1. Paul commented on Apr 7

    Dick Dale is right on. The bit about being paid .35 cents a CD is a standard royalty rate for a new act. He’s not kidding. You’re better off making the cd yourself and selling it for $10 because then you’re making at least $5 per cd if you do it right.

    Great video find. Thanks Barry!

  2. Frankie commented on Apr 8

    Thanks for the great find

    This video was music to my ears!


  3. Larry commented on Apr 8

    I used to go to the old Armory in Riverside Calfiornia in the 60’s and see Dick Dale and the Deltones and later used to go to his club in Riveside CA and dance the night away. He is and always will be a class act.

  4. VennData commented on Apr 8

    Music corporations claim downloading takes money away from “artists.” (I love that term when applied to pop music, hip hop, boy bands, Cher etc… artists!) LOL.

    It’s like the GOP media machine claiming that the estate er… a… death tax deprives the family farmer from handing down his farm. Or that cuts in top marginal rates help small business create jobs. Yeah cutting that owner’s rate from 38.5% to 35% on his 100K income (3.5K) made him go out and hire another highly paid researcher, accountant, or salesman… hahaha!

    Downloading is a socio-political/cultural act of passive resistance to the music corporations. Voting is the same, only a bit more active. )

  5. cam from Hulver’s site commented on Apr 8

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  6. Button Fuzz commented on Apr 8

    I love this advice. Forget the fame and the magazine covers and instead build yourself a business and keep control. At least pay attention to the costs associated with making your albums.

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