Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (4/16/07)


A long appearance is scheduled for tonite. I’m on for nearly the full hour: In addition to the follow up to the Capital Commerce debate, there will be additional discussions on Taxes, Markets, and the Economy.

The guest list is stellar: In addition to your humble scribe discussing markets, economy & taxes, appearing on the show tonite will be:

-Cal Ripken, Jr.
Get in the Game:  8 Elements of Perseverance that Make the Difference

Steve Forbes
markets, economy & taxes

Jared Bernstein
Tax Debate

Bob Pisani


Donald Luskin
market outlook

Later in the show, there will be Sen. John McCain (discussing his Economic program), and Gen. Alexander Haig on Iraq & Iran.

It should definitely be fun!

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  1. Kevin Rooney commented on Apr 16

    I should know this but what time is Kudlow on?

  2. Rob Dawg commented on Apr 16

    BR, have you plotted your air-time and/or # of invites against that days’ market performance? I’m betting you get far more invitations to appear on large up days than otherwise.

  3. Rick commented on Apr 16

    Forbes, Haig, and Luskin all in the same slot talk about a Bull orgy. This time BR would you try to keep a staight-face with all the shameless pumping almost making me pee my pants as well :)

  4. michael schumacher commented on Apr 16

    Don’t know much about Ripken and Bernstein talks taxes (yawn) however that guest list is a who’s who of denial. Will you even get a word in at all?? I’m guessing you are the whipping boy today…..

    Why bother going as the agenda is already set?

    just another river in egypt


  5. dan commented on Apr 16

    Does K & Co. compensate guests who frequently appear on their program? If not, what is the incentive to devote so much time to this show? I guess Cal Ripkin can use the free air-time to peddle his new book.

  6. babygal commented on Apr 16

    You’re enough for me Barry!

  7. Mike commented on Apr 16

    Just fyi, I heard the guest list may be changing to devote a ton of coverage to the VaTech shooting. I’m guessing Cal and some of the Bulls may be dropped as they turn their attention to that tragedy.

  8. Chad commented on Apr 16

    Is Al Haig in charge again?

  9. V L commented on Apr 16

    Sixteen consecutive days with below average volume!


  10. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 16

    Yeah, I heard that about the VA shooting coverages also — too late, I’m here in NJ already.

    Also, this was kinda planned last week when the debate finished — it was firmed up this afternoon . . .

  11. MAS (San Diego) commented on Apr 16

    After today’s market gain, Luskin and Kudlow will be coming for you. Keep a low profile, duck-and-weave, and keep jabbing.

  12. Brendon commented on Apr 16

    Wow, Forbes and Luskin on the same show…no two TV “personalities” make me more uncomfortable – Luskin because he’s so smug and punchable and Forbes because he never blinks and is quite obviouly a robot, an alien, or both.

  13. tjofpa commented on Apr 16

    A couple of the NASDAQ stocks I’m following don’t even appear to be trading for most of the day. They just seem to be sitting there, waiting for … whatever.

  14. Robert Coté commented on Apr 16

    BR, tell the truth. You only went on today so that you can play this same abuse over and over and over say about 40% down fromthese levels say within 3 months. I cannot imagine why you put up with the way LK finishes your sentences and when you say; “No, i actually said../” cutoff again.

  15. Nova Law commented on Apr 16

    He “puts up with it” because appearing on Kudlow is priceless advertising for him and his firm.

    He’s invited on the show so much precisely because he’s a well-known bear who tends to be down on the markets and the economy. Today’s show was a perfect example of a balanced panel which consisted of two self-described bulls and two self-described bears.

    If you want to watch a bunch of people all clucking and agreeing with each other, watch CNN’s financial coverage. I love the disparate opinions and real debate I see on Kudlow’s show.

  16. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 16

    That’s true, but I will also tell you that Larry is an incredibly kind and generous person off the air, and has been very helpful to me on many levels.

    His bombastic TV persona is just that . . .

  17. Brendon commented on Apr 16

    I agree with almost nothing Kudlow says, but he’s hard not to like.

  18. john commented on Apr 16

    so barry are we going to stay in an uptrend forever? almsot 5 years up without a 10% down move is nothing short of magical. when will reality set in? also barry please comment on how earnings est’s crashed from up 9% in jan for this qtr to 3% now yet stocks never fell to reflect the decrease in est’s yet when they beat these watered down #’s the stocks sky even higher. will wall street continue getting away with these lies?

  19. V L commented on Apr 16

    It is hard for me to imagine that Kudlow is “an incredibly kind and generous person off the air”.

    On the air, Kudlow projects himself as a wealthy stingy old scrooge – no compassion for the less fortunate folks what so ever, only greed. Kudlow is constantly excessively obsessed about taxes. I can see him not sleeping at night and worrying about that he pays more taxes than a homeless person does. If it were up to Kudlow, he would probably force the homeless to pay taxes so Kudlow can get a tax cut.

  20. chris commented on Apr 16

    Wow you agreed to appear with this clown again after he said this about you on his blog???? Don’t know how he doesn’t get his smug ass smacked daily.

    “Barry got so flummoxed by my challenges to his bearish arguments — actually, I shouldn’t say “his,” because I’ve heard them all a thousand times before, usually in “reports” from liberal lobbyist groups and in op-eds in the New York Times — that he descended into name-calling. In the debate he called me “disingenuous,” “intellectually dishonest,” and “frighteningly misinformed” — and on his own blog, “slippery.” At least he didn’t accuse me of stalking him, but that’s probably next.

    I suppose it’s fine in the grand scheme of things if Barry wants to declare defeat by flailing in that particular way. After all, a winner would have refuted my facts instead of defaming me. But be that as it may, I don’t intend to make this mistake again, lowering myself by being paired with someone who debates like this. At this point I’ve agreed to appear opposite Ritholtz on CNBC’s “Kudlow & Company” on Monday afternoon, but I have agreed to that entirely just to be accommodating to Larry and his producers. But that’s it. No more easy wins. From here on, I’m only debating serious thinkers.”

  21. Eclectic commented on Apr 16


    No hay seed, he.

  22. Sammy20 commented on Apr 16

    Luskin is seriously the most arrogant ass I have ever heard.

    You should have asked the prick how his Metamarkets fund is doing….

    I also love how he is perfectly hedged now….market goes up, he told you so….market goes down, he told you so…

  23. Eclectic commented on Apr 17

    On Virginia:

    A meteor hit Blacksburg Virginia. You can not plan for, nor can you prevent a meteor.

    The media intellectualizes, but it’s just a meteor nevertheless.

  24. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 17

    His comments and his rhetoric in the debate speak for themselves. A class act he’s not . . .

  25. Nova Law commented on Apr 17

    Ah, given those two sets of comments, I look forward to future appearances by Barry and Luskin on Kudlow’s show. It should be some interesting television.

    Two observations about yesterday’s show, Barry.

    First, when confronted with the Dow 6800 call, you stammered and hemmed and hawed. A much better reaction would have been “Yep. Got it wrong. Completely. The first rule is to not lose money, and by being conservative we didn’t lose any.” Or something like that. A complex explanation doesn’t work well in that format.

    Second, when discussing raising the capital gains rate to pay for alternative energy research – I admire the intent, but question the efficacy of the strategy. No government program is ever going to wean the economy from foreign oil – only the market will be able to do it.

    Wouldn’t a better tax strategy intended to achieve this goal be a 10-year tax holiday for any technology or company which produces vehicles which operate on anything other than oil? Take away the millstone of a 38% tax rate, and I bet the market could very quickly come up with alternatives. Of course this thought needs “refining”…..

  26. DD commented on Apr 17

    well said barry…

    but it seems like you guys are on the same side of the trade….i dont get were the misunderstanding is…

    though i do think it would make for some quality television if you guys dressed up in bikinis and wrastled in a pool of mud…yeah..that would be great…

  27. darius commented on Apr 17

    Is this available to view online?


  28. Michael Schumacher commented on Apr 17

    two words…

    Sock Puppet

    No offense meant Barry however the look you had on your face towards the end when Bernstein was ripping the guy from McCain a new one was priceless.

    Do you practice the one eyebrow raise?


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