WSJ Market Data

The WSJ Market Data Center is chock full of data all sorts of goodies, on financial markets (Stocks, International Markets, Sectors, Bonds, Commodities and Currencies) and research topics (companies, mutual funds, ETFs).

There are tons of subcategories:

– Insider Trading
– Weekly ETF Performance
– Mutual Funds
– Lipper Indexes
– Treasury Strips
– CD Yields, Weekly Snapshot
– Home Loan ARMS Indexes
– Government Agency Issues
– Ethanol Futures Prices, Intraday
– API Energy Data
– Patent Scorecard

I also came across a variety of stock screeners.

When I am not in front of a Bloomberg, its rapidly becoming the place I go to to grab a quick data point or chart. Well worth checking out.

Oh, and its free . . .


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  1. Ken M. commented on May 12


    You mentioned this a while back, and from that day on I have been hooked. For the research reports and other stuff that can’t be accessed here, probably everyone has at least one other account where they can get what they need. This site serves as an excellent “core app” or “home page” for many things financial.


  2. Ken M. commented on May 12

    That security prompt repeats, making you think that it didn’t take the first time — I wonder how many duplicate posts I could have put up there…

  3. V L commented on May 12

    Fantastic Market Data Center Page!

    I have it as default home page in my browser. Maybe could add “Make It Your Default Home Page” feature so other folks could change their defaults with one click (instead of going through multi-step browser tools setup hassle)

  4. V L commented on May 12

    Another suggestion for is to align this and other pages in the center. Nowadays, the majority use widescreen LCD monitors and it is annoying to view a page on the left of your screen and to have the other half blank – pages aligned in the center are easy to view on any monitor.

  5. V L commented on May 12

    Yet another suggestion is adding one line of NASDAQ futures, under Futures.

    P.S. I have emailed them these suggestions.

  6. DavidB commented on May 12

    hey, that’s great stuff.

    I was just thinking how much people would have had to pay for that info even 15 years ago.

    Some of it probably wasn’t available back then but for the stuff that was the average investor could not have afforded the data feed. That probably would have cost thousands of dollars per month(not including the satellite system you probably would have needed to buy)

    Now we get it for free. The democratization of info marches on

    Thank God for a level playing field. This will benefit us all

  7. V L commented on May 13


    Do not get too excited about “a level playing field”.

    The data is delayed 20 minutes or more to make sure that you are still at disadvantage. It has nothing to do with WSJ so do not blame them for the delays, the quotes are delayed as per exchange requirements.

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