Disciplined Investor Podcast: The Stock Market In Disarray

I did a long podcast with Andrew Horowitz of the Disciplined Investor and S&P’s Howard Silverblatt on Friday. Its about 43 minutes long, and covers a wide range of subjects.

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  1. Jack D. Bridges commented on Aug 5


    Thanks for posting the interview…enjoyed your comment about the traders who short the occasional Mad Money dice roll. I’ve done it myself, and it really enforces a point you’re fond of: it pays to think about who’s on the other side of your trade. It will be interesting to see how rapidly the investing gene pool shrinks in the coming months…

    Also, kudos for banning a certain network from your floor. Bravo! I’m almost there myself– aside from D. Faber, or the 1% of actual, rational analysis or reporting, the 99% mute rule applies.

    Finally, thanks so much for taking a quick look at a company I pestered you about in February: Irobot (IRBT). I stayed the course, endured some pain, took the 30%, and got the hell out for all accounts two weeks ago. Your calming words were much appreciated, and helped me frame the risk/reward much better.

    Look forward to your RRA release,

  2. W.Edwards commented on Aug 5

    Yes, I enjoyed the interview as well.

    As for CNBC, I only watch Sqauwk Box when getting ready in the morning. I enjoy Joe Kernan’s sarcasm, Steve Liesman does a decent job at providing some balance to what he talks about as the dismal scientist and Beckie Q. offers up some occasional insights on top of her sex appeal factor (although the red-head that anchored her seat a few years back was better in both respects). In a related matter, kudos to CNBC for having no shame by letting Beckie do interview sessions in director’s chairs that show off her legs!

    Other than that, they remainder are pretty much market cheerleaders that aggravate me thoroughly! Great decision BR on dropping them from your trading floor!!

  3. Winston Munn commented on Aug 5

    The podcast was worth it. I was especially attuned to your worries that this is only the first downleg of the slide of the dollar.

  4. Sven commented on Aug 5

    Thanks for the link….uhh, I’m blanking on your name right now.

    Your’s hosts CNBC comments made him seem unusually concerned that we were experiencing dot com-like exuberance again. Do you really believe that?

    I keep seeing so much written about the “individual” or “retail” investor–i.e., the dumb money–and how we’re waiting for them to sell or buy so we can do the opposite. Waiting for them to plow their money (all that money “on the sidelines”) into the market so it can blow off and finish up.

    How much market money are they responsible for these days? I see other things written that makes it seem that the big institutions and the hedge funds are just trading with each other.

    People are sitting out here with two mortgages (declining equity x 2)–disposable income is low, where are these people going to get the money to plow into the market and finish things off a la the dot com. I don’t see anything written about the number of day trading accounts being opened up and janitor stock tips—things that really remind me of the dot com days.

    If it always has to end that way (with retail investor mania and IPO frenzy), we are nowhere near the top. But I guess things could be different this time :)

  5. m3 commented on Aug 6

    i co-sign the peter schiff comments.

    i saw one interview where erin told him he needed to be put in a “bodybag.”

    the level of unprofessionalism over there is mind blowing.

    thank goodness for bloomberg.

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