Mashup: Cramer/Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (No Idea Mix)

250pxmad_money I’ve always had a lot of respect for Jim Cramer: He had the foresight to recognize the seismic shift from print to online long before the rest of the MSM did. His accomplishments starting, building it up, taking it public are well known, as are his exploits as a fund manager.

The thing I respect most about Cramer is that he says things that most other people don’t have the balls to even acknowledge — forget announcing them on national TV. And as the comments on the post on his rant reveal, so too, do a lot of other people.

However, this free-wheeling, no editor, say-anything approach can run into amusing or embarrassing moments, especially when Jim’s off the cuff commentary goes over the top — as we saw in his rant on CNBC on Friday. In that post, I said I expected some smart young DJ would use Cramer’s rant in a mashup.

present to you Fatboy Slim – Right Here, Right Now (No Idea Mix) by DJ FiniFinito.

You can download it, or play it here:

Crystal Method Right Here, Right Now Bill Poole No Idea_mix.mp3




UPDATE August 6, 2007  6:31am

Another remix: Speak Softly.mp3

If the creator of this would email me, I can give appropriate credit

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  1. Eclectic commented on Aug 5

    Let me be the first to say (I hope) that I am: destroyed, devastated, incapacitated, paralyzed and in every way possible z-o-n-e-d with laughter so bad I need to call 9-1-1. I need oxygen!… I may not survive this!

    I can’t get my breath, Barringo!

  2. Eclectic commented on Aug 5

    Hey Finifinto,

    That was great! I only wished you’d also used some Erin in there. Here’s a couple of ways if you want to go to the effort to REALLY jaz it!

    Here’s two “bumps” from Erin that work with the rhythm:

    Erin (rhythm) – “Now Cramer… now Cramer” and also her saying (early in the piece – hand chop) “Poof! — Bear goes down… market goes down.”

    And, too, she has a long vocalization just after the “Poof!” thing that’s almost the intro to a yodel that you ought to be able to mix effectively.

  3. Eclectic commented on Aug 5

    I think I rather meant:

    Erin – “But Cramer… but Cramer.”

    Although I realize you can mix almost any of her vocalizations to fit the rhythm.

  4. ARISTOTLE commented on Aug 5

    ROFLMAO, this is great!

  5. Mike commented on Aug 5

    “especially when Jim’s off the cuff commentary goes over the top”

    Jim is a smart person and a good man. It was planned and orchestrated for him to act like this to get the important message out and to attract the media attention.

    Jim has succeeded and everyone is talking about (exactly what Jim wanted)

    He deserves a lot of credit!

  6. devilfutility commented on Aug 5

    Come on, I wanted video! There’s lots of great ridiculous video of Jim on Mad Money… and who wouldn’t want some video of Erin too…

    I might have to put this on my mp3 player – I hope more mashups are coming. Maybe we could have some kind of mashup with Larry Kudlow talking about how great the economy is too.

  7. Bob A commented on Aug 5

    I have a lot of respect for the creation of Real Money but I would gladly pay extra for a premium subscription that would allow me to filter out every picture, post and mention of it’s founder.

  8. mc commented on Aug 5

    Isn’t that song by Fatboy Slim, not Crystal Method?

  9. Globalized commented on Aug 5

    Just had this vision of Bill Poole driving around in his big Mercedes, flipping on the radio and catching this. And I cracked up all over again.

    (Does he actually drive a Benz? I have NO idea.)

  10. winjr commented on Aug 5

    Exactly right, MC. Fat Boy Slim, not Crystal Method.

  11. GerryL commented on Aug 5

    Lets just say Cramer is right and the Fed needs to act (even though I get the feeling most people disagree with him). Bernanke cant do anything now because it would look like he gave in to some screaming maniac on television. His credibility would be gone.

  12. fedak commented on Aug 5

    Great stuff!

    A mix w/ more Erin would definately be worth a try. (And more cowbell, definately needs more cowbell)

  13. DJ Fini Finito commented on Aug 5

    Apologies for the mislabelling, it is indeed Fatboy Slim that did the original song Right Here, Right Now. It was a middle of the night mashup session, sometimes details get chopped in the blender, I apologize for the erroneous info.

    Meantime, thank you all for the kudos and praises. I may take a second pass at this with added commentary suggestions from above if I have time to do so. Otherwise if an enterprising fellow mashup artist wants to take a stab at it go right ahead, enjoy!

  14. Costa commented on Aug 5

    Barry this song is by Fatboy Slim not Crystal Method.

  15. Eclectic commented on Aug 5


    You gotta do it. It’s destiny.

  16. VJ commented on Aug 5

    Today I saw the video of Cramer talking to Brian Williams on Friday’s NBC Nightly News. Jimbo was flop-sweatin’ like a guy who owes the mob a ton of money he doesn’t have. He musta got slaughtered. Praying that the Fed will come the (his) rescue “NEXT WEEK”. It was pretty sad.

  17. Ben B commented on Aug 5

    Of course he did:

    “Open the credit window”

    “Cut the rate. Relieve the pressure”

  18. Eclectic commented on Aug 5


    If Cramer’s exhortation to cut rates had been a rattlesnake, you’d be on the way to the hospital for anti-venom.

    You got bit in the last 10 seconds of the video.

    [Cramer] “….they can save us with a rate cut.”

  19. Guy commented on Aug 6

    This is hilarious. Hat’s off to the DJ.

  20. Gary commented on Aug 6

    What a great mix. Congrats to the DJ. For some reason another song sprung to mind while I was listening.

    I leave to your imagination who’s the “joker,” and who’s the “thief.” But perhaps it’s no longer a wildcat, but a grizzly —

    “Outside in the distance a wildcat did growl,
    Two riders were approaching, the wind began to howl.”

    And the riders, I don’t wanna think about.

    Again, a great Cramer mix.

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