Portfolios of the Federal Reserve Members

Frickin Hysterical:




Five Things You Need to Know: Portfolios of the Federal Reserve
Kevin Depew
Minyanville, Aug 02, 2007 12:24 pm

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  1. LAWMAN commented on Aug 2

    Sounds like a decent ETF to me.

  2. jake commented on Aug 2

    not only am i losing a small fortune….liz claman is gone…..how much more can a guy take?

  3. spongetoddsquarepants commented on Aug 2

    Liz Claman will return, post plastic surgery ,to Fox, looking hotter than ever.

  4. VJ commented on Aug 2

    Well, nice to see that not everybody on Wall Street was drinkin’ the Purple Kool-Aid. Turns out that Highland Capital Management had the foresight to SHORT the sub-prime market and has made some quite tidy profits for it’s clients.

  5. Andy in NZ commented on Aug 2

    Kiwi and NZD, cool twice as much fun! I thought my country had a split personality, but a dual currency too.

  6. Rob Dawg commented on Aug 2

    Damn, Vanilla French Roast and Apple keyboards short faster than even Highland Capital. Thanks for the laugh in a market that thinks Beazer is worth 12% more today than yesterday and LEND is still worth as much as it was in mid 2003.

  7. jj commented on Aug 2

    and it adds up to 105%

  8. MarkTX commented on Aug 2

    maybe they are also net short 5% the $USD?

  9. michael carey commented on Aug 2

    On the ‘Plunge Protection Team’, Caroline Baum of Bloomberg had an article yesterday ‘spoofing’ the lack of response from the so called PPT. I sent her an e-mail after the market close on Aug 1, and said the sharp turn of the market at about
    3:30 p.m. looked like the work of the PPT to me. Caroline responed to day saying “the government workers are not that smart” to pull off a sharp market turn, and she believed “there are many other reasons for sharp market turns at the end of the trading day including covering short sales”. Please give me a break- a short sale rally when the market is down 60 points as it was at 3:28 p.m. Caroline shoud read the headline in Section C of the Wall Street J on August 2 regarding the ‘mystery rally’ on Aug.1!

  10. Stuart commented on Aug 2

    Caroline Baum is about as objective as Kudlow.

  11. Eric commented on Aug 4

    The bottom-line is that people like Caroline would rather not look at reality. One can debate if the PPT can have a meaningful impact. But there is no debate as to its existence. Even Bernanke stated in open testimony to Congress this year (in response to a question from Ron Paul) that the Working Group On Finance has stepped up it’s meetings this year. In other words, he verified that the damn thing exists. People like Caroline throw fits and call it journalism, attempting to obfuscate the hell out of this subject. Friends, don’t even let some idiot journalist confuse you. The PPT exists. Period. End of story. Debate all you want the impact the group might have – that’s fair game. But I’m tired of reading the ramblings of people that can’t deal with reality.

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