At Least They Don’t Call it Profit Taking . . .



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  1. V L commented on Mar 15

    Merrill sees recession by the end of 2007 because:
    1. Mortgage defaults and tightening of credit standards will add additional (according to their estimates) 500,000 houses to already saturated housing market
    2. Home prices will drop by 10% => hammer blow on consumer spending
    3. Unemployment will spike > 5% = Recession (according to Merrill)

  2. KP commented on Sep 7

    What’s with the black hole that every so often devours an entire topic every so often on here???

    Ex. the Vista post….

  3. Owner Earnings commented on Sep 7

    Ya where did that Vista post go? MSFT take back your scratch?

  4. jake commented on Sep 7

    jack bourudjian said”the market got the number they wanted”…he should be banned from cnbc….robert brusca got it right on..”job growth could actually be near zero” i’m going to listen to him more

  5. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Sep 7

    LOL! Must be why the shills are demanding not only a rate cut, but a 50 basis point cut. Margin calls can always be problematic when you are the one receiving the calls.

    In related news 4 FED Govs as much as said no rate cut, let alone 50 BPs, yesterday.

  6. David commented on Sep 7

    The market is still 5% up for the year. They are crying like a baby and asking the Fed to step in to save them. Let the market correct itself, 5% is not bad.

    (Matthew 25:14-29)
    “Why then did you not put my money in the bank, that at my coming I might have collected it with interest?” that interest rate was 5%.

  7. Jim commented on Sep 7

    NFP is a negative autoregressive function and will be up next month, but Fed will cut before and stocks (cyclicals) will rally.

  8. mr derp commented on Sep 7

    From reading that IMF report ont he Yuan-Dollar issue and some bloomberg articles, seems like the dollar is a bit overvalued. Will there be a slight dollar rally if the Fed does hold rates considering a rate cut being “baked in”?

  9. OldVet commented on Sep 7

    If the Fed cuts rates at all, much less 50 bp, the dollar is going to lose a bunch in a huge hurry. Sweden just raised rates 25 bp. Due to huge import volumes in US, loss of dollar value will increase inflation in short run, including oil prices. Which calls for rate raises, not cuts. That is the dilemna of the Fed, and of the US at large. A price is going to be paid one way or the other for years of wild lending, wild borrowing, and info-mercial style reporting on same.

  10. John commented on Sep 7

    Watching Kudlow tonight on CNBS (a rare opportunity) and the man is Whining for the Fed to hurry up and cut the Fed Funds rate by at least .50 bps to alleviate the “seizure” in the credit markets. Some of his other “astute” guests–one of which included the esteemed financial expert himself, Barney Frank, whose valued opinion Kudlow solicited on the matter). Kudlow seemingly can’t understand why the Fed has not already acted with another ‘surprise move’, and yet he seems to agree with some of the others that “Goldilocks” is not yet DRT (Dead Right There).
    This guy has got to be the one of the biggest Flip-Flopping Hypocrites I’ve ever seen.
    A couple of months ago it was all Goldilocks, Free Markets and the Greatest Story Never told.
    Now he’s all but crying for the FED to act with .50 bps emergency rate cuts…
    The point is I think Kudlow’s temper tantrum like attitude sums up the behaviour in most of the Financial Media today– as well as the Stock Market. Forward looking?? I don’t think so… Not until it gets Smashed in face with Hard Evidence.
    I’ll give him a little credit though by bringing on two guests that called it like it is (with Kudlow trying to talk over them of course). One I think was an English gentlemen Brown, the other a Michael Panzer — I can’t vouch for their credibility– but both showing a little common sense and seeming to be in favor of letting “the Free Markets” (not Kudlow’s Hypocritical, Massaged and Tortured definition of the term) do their thing and flush out the Bad Credit/Housing Bubble with no rate cut. To do otherwise is going to put more pressure on an already falling dollar.
    It doesn’t surprise me one bit to see why polls from the WSJ seem to indicate no Recession forthcoming.
    I bet if you took a poll of the CNBS ‘viewership’ you’d find similar results…
    What I’d give to see somebody Slap Kudlow through a Wall…

  11. calmo commented on Sep 7

    So John,

    Watching Kudlow tonight on CNBS (a rare opportunity)…
    [followed by a well-documented account of the pain suffered]

    would that be the last episode for you or are you a masochist?

  12. muckdog commented on Sep 7

    The stock market is still in the summer’s trading range.

    I *highly* expect that when the breakout occurs, it’ll be to the upside.

  13. Leisa commented on Sep 7

    Oh the saviour of Vista. It was going to swoop out the sky like a righteous angel and magically increase capital spending. Let’s not forget that John Chambers (Cisco) has been paraded about saying that this is the strongest global economy that he has ever seen. Well, duh, for his product–fairly small slice of the pie BUT relative to being in THE growth trend, very big. Sigh. What passes for relevant fact.

  14. km4 commented on Sep 7

    A good recession with economic pain is what America and Americans need to wake the fuck up and stop listening to MSM shills.

  15. Winston Munn commented on Sep 7

    Muckdog wrote:
    “I *highly* expect that when the breakout occurs, it’ll be to the upside.”

    I do too; however, I am more inclined to believe that upside breakout will start from the 10,000 level.

  16. Pat Gorup commented on Sep 7


    I couldn’t agree with you more!!


    Kudlow is one of the best “spin doctors” that I have ever watched. Out of the five guests he had on today, three of them were bears. So, his questions/comments were mainly addressed to Wayne Angel because he sees it Kudlow’s way. And that telephone call from that iconic economist Barney Fife or was that Rubble ah..Frank, yes that’s it was right in the middle explaining that we need a rate cut now. Kudlow’s new best pal. I laugh when they discuss how that because the Core CPI number show’s little inflation so the FED could cut. That number does not include food & energy which is inflationary which just goes to show you how long it’s been that Kudlow has either gone grocery shopping or bought gas.

  17. Analyst For Hire commented on Sep 7

    It is funny that V L wrote about a recession on Mar 15, 2007 (near the peak of market euphoria)

  18. Mark Reed commented on Sep 9

    This time it was jobs, what do we have in the coming week thats going hit the market?

    And do we continue to drift upwards on no bad news?

  19. Chelonia commented on Sep 9

    I really like the fact that even on a Trend Followers site u people are trying to predict what is going to happen, and looking for answers everywhere around you. Keep it up guys. That is where our profits will come from!

  20. Mark Reed commented on Sep 10

    What trend? What profits? Saying Kudlow is stupid does not make profits. Refuting his argument helps. But to truly make profit you have to refute the argument – for example lets say we think corporate profits will slow – then you have to discuss when this will show up in the news and affect the market.

    Being smarter than the market doesn’t help you unless you look for when the market will recognize the situation.

    Lets try to make some money and get the comments going again here. No reason to waste the knowledge of the people we have gathered here.

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