Blog Watch: The State Department

That’s right, the State Department is now blogging:

Dipnote (

By my calculations, this means there are now just 11 people left in the world without a blog.


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  1. SINGER commented on Oct 25

    make that 10…the Sufi mystic who spent the last thirty years in a cave spinning around had a wonderful vision of Allah and has now upon his emergence opened a Blogger account to tell his story…

    We can really bump the numbers IF we begin counting those currently in cryogenic freeze among those still blogless….

  2. Pool Shark commented on Oct 25

    make that 9… Elvis is blogging from the back of a donut shop in Brisbane, Australia.

    Word is, D.B Cooper is his travel consultant

  3. martin kenney commented on Oct 25

    Yes except the US is Japan…it was Japan that got hit the hardest in the 1989 downturn.

  4. donna commented on Oct 25

    Dipnote? Who picked that name?

    Is it Condi’s blog?

  5. a guy called john commented on Oct 25

    and it’s down already…maybe coming up w/ a better name?

  6. David commented on Oct 25


    “We go to gain a little patch of ground
    That hath in it no profit but the name.”
    Hamlet- William Shakespeare

    Iran beware! Oil beware! that it should come to this!

    “Angels and ministers of grace, defend us!

  7. Kevin commented on Oct 26

    As a State Department Foreign Service Officer (who reads Big Picture religiously), I want to say thank you for the shout-out.

    Check out this link from the “Dipnote” blog:

    This video is what visitors will see when they come into our Consular Section waiting rooms to get tourist, student, and business/investor visas.

    FYI, a “dipnote” (“diplomatic note”) is the formal communication between our Embassies and a host country’s government.

  8. donna commented on Oct 26

    “FYI, a “dipnote” (“diplomatic note”) is the formal communication between our Embassies and a host country’s government.”

    Well, in Dubya’s case that would be an appropriate name, I guess…..

    So sorry you have to work for idiots, Kevin!

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