Snowed Plowed In !

So the missus could not get the rear-wheel drive car up the hill yesterday in the snow and Ice. By the time I got home — no problems with the front-wheel drive — the neighborhood was at least partially sanded. I was able to get her daily driver at least to the bottom of the block, where I left it overnight — where it got plowed in.

That means this morning was spent shoveling, so no time for a real pre-CPI post.  Will do the post-mortem later, but for now, consider: 

Rising Food and Fuel Costs Spur Inflation in China   

Fuels, Food Boost Euro Zone Inflation Beyond Forecast

Euro-Zone Inflation Rises Sharply On Increasing Food, Energy Costs

Price check   

Monthly Fare for Transit to Rise 6.6% in Proposal 

La di frickin da . . .

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  1. PrahaPartizan commented on Dec 14

    That’ll teach ya to buy a rear-wheel drive only vehicle. Unless, of course, it’s a Porsche or some other high-end sports roadster. I’m sure your spouse would not argue with any of those recommendations. Happy holidays and keep warm.

  2. JQ commented on Dec 14

    Does she still have the RX8? Mine does fine in the snow, but then I have some Dunlop M3s on, and in CT it was a bit colder – less ice.

  3. Pangaea commented on Dec 14

    U.S. Nov CPI +0.8%

    Should we say the “S” word now?

  4. scorpio commented on Dec 14

    you like the bell-bottomed pants, you’re gonna love the “S” word

  5. Michael M commented on Dec 14

    You can add to that picture that inflation in low cost countries like Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries is running at 10-12% and skilled labour salaries easily growing 20% annually.

  6. tekel commented on Dec 14

    dude. Buy her an audi. She’ll love it, and so will you.

  7. GreenMachine commented on Dec 14

    Be thankful we still get snow. The news from the Bali climate talks is about as bright and optimistic as your economic outlook. Why not put the missus on a bus/train/bicycle or walk? Maybe you would do better to move out of the burbs and back into the city and our urban neighborhoods.

    Sell that rear-wheel drive and if you must have 2+ cars, get a hybrid, E85 or higher MPG vehicle. The Honda FCX should be awesome if you are lucky enough to get one. (Currently you have to live in Cali.) Thanks to the energy bill, auto manufactures will begin to produce these vehicles at scale.

    The bill requires ethanol use as a motor fuel be ramped up to 36 billion gallons a year by 2022. According to the Renewable Fuels Association, which represents ethanol producers, about 6.5 billion gallons of ethanol were expected to be used as a gasoline additive this year. Regardless of the ethanol debate, that is some serious Uncle Sam legislated growth. (Cue Cramer’s America button.) The best part is at least 21 billion gallons will have to be ethanol from feedstock other than corn such as prairie grasses, switchgrass and wood chips. I’m buying more BFRE.OB as a long speculative play.

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