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How very purple of them:


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  1. John Borchers commented on Feb 23

    I’m colorblind so that 5 looks like the number 36. Maybe that’s part of the secret code.

  2. Ross commented on Feb 23

    Who would want to copy a fin? A C-note maybe. Russians prefer to counterfit Euros.

    Talk about a flight from the dollar? Smugglers, drug dealers and others prefer the 500 Euronote denomination. A million dollars can now be packed with 1/7th the bulk and volume by substituting Euro 500 for Franklins.

  3. me commented on Feb 23

    Why does it look like the Lincoln Memorial is on fire with smoke billowing out of the roof?

  4. edhopper commented on Feb 23

    Is it me, or does Lincoln have the look of Iron Eyes Cody at the end of those anti-pollution commercials?

  5. Tranchefoot commented on Feb 23

    When are we going to get a new $1 bill?

    Why did this post disappear for a few hours?

  6. Marcus Aurelius commented on Feb 23

    Okay, I like it.

    I’ll take all you can print, at a dollar apiece.

  7. Brian C.B. commented on Feb 23

    Forget about the “How would Lincoln glare if Samuel Chase farted during a cabinet meeting?” portrait. The opportunity to replace that tired old beard with a “soul patch” is a great one truly lost.

  8. BDG123 commented on Feb 23

    Just toodled around FusionIQ and it’s an interesting concept. I couldn’t tell to what extent I am able to customize my own queries based on my choices of metrics…..and to weight those in the query……?? Shouldn’t be a technical obstacle….I just couldn’t tell.

    Some of the text says ‘coming soon’. I’d give it a spin when it’s ready. Especially if I am able to weight the data of choice.

    FWIW, I felt like I was in an Evelyn Wood class in the demos. Audio might also be usefel in the demos.

  9. Pat G. commented on Feb 24 favorite color.

  10. Brian Foote commented on Feb 24

    I’m a frequent reader of Barry’s blog and for the record all of you guys’ are funny and obviously see through the BS going on in America….I see your names’ frequently.

    Barry, did you see the book review of Ireland in the WSJ this weekend? The author stated 70% of Ireland’s export growth is from American companies and a flat corporate tax? None of this is new to me. The joke is that all American’s have been duped to borrow. American jobs have all been sent overseas, they are prospering…..our citizens have had to borrow to “maintain” their standard of living. When I read Goldman was shorting Sub-prime debt on the left side of their mouth while selling it outta the right side….it gave the micro/macro cosm….The elites are whores but no one will ever say it because it’s happening right before us but there are so many irons in the fire that no one will state the obvious. And if anyone is wondering, the stupid rally on Friday was Gov’t orchestrated. Don’t kid yourself.

  11. Bill commented on Feb 24

    Lets ditch this worthless , backed up by debt , pretty paper . Purple no less . Lincoln should be black and blue . Ole George is all but dead . Give me a silver , gold or platinum coin . None of this paper goat fodder . And all wonder at the commodity boom . Rather hold real, or fake ? Better yet , This 5 will be a museum piece in a decade when we are all paying bills with “carbon credits” .

  12. schopenhauer fan commented on Feb 24

    It is a pity that the powers that be decided to make the currency look like Monopoly money only AFTER bringing its value to that status.

    If they’d done it the other way ’round I might’ve had more warning.

    Gimme hotels on Park Place & Broadway. And I get dibs on the little terrier figurine. Always thought it was cute looking.

  13. Brian C.B. commented on Feb 24

    I dunno. I think the purple “5” on the back of the bill should be larger.

  14. Ross commented on Feb 24

    Purple fives. We could call them purps.

  15. dark1p commented on Feb 24

    Somewhere, Prince is smiling.

  16. Max commented on Feb 24

    Somewhere, Prince is undergoing hip replacement surgery.

  17. Groty commented on Feb 24

    Those 5’s have the exact same dimensions as the notes currently in circulation.

    It would only seem appropriate for the new notes to be smaller as our currency shrinks in value.

  18. lulugal11 commented on Feb 25

    The US is really way behind on the colored money, although I do not see why they are doing this now.

    Most other countries use colored money, which makes it easy to tell if someone is trying to slip you a bunch of 5s in a stack of 100s etc.

    I don’t think the US population is taking too kindly to the ‘greenbacks’ no longer being green.

  19. briatx commented on Feb 25

    Is it just me, or are Federal Reserve notes incrementally becoming more and more like Monopoly money.

    And I’m not just talking about looks either.

  20. Asa commented on Mar 7

    I found it interesting that when I read this post in Google Reader, the ad on the bottom of the post was for 49 cent color copies from Kinko’s.

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