New Aggregator: Real Clear Markets

A new link aggregator hits the web: Real Clear Markets. This is the sister site to Real Clear Politics, and Real Clear Sports.

The sites sport crisp, clean designs, well organized by date and topic, and also contain a god selection of video links.

Weaknesses? Well, the original content has not yet found its voice. That’s been the case for many of the link aggregators, and only a few — think Nouriel Roubini’s RGE — seem to do both well.  I suspect that’s a process that takes some time.

And, the otherwise well chosen links are occasionally polluted with an excess of politics. Its one thing to run economic pieces by Krugman & Kudlow (How’s that combo for a show?), but its another to go way off topic with purely political writings. Editors need to decide if they want traffic, or influence, and adjust accordingly.

If they can manage to avoid the non-money running political hacks, the site will become even more useful as a source. (Suggested Goal: Avoid linking to people who make their readers "poor and stupid").

But other than those quibbles, a real nice effort.


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  1. Todd commented on Mar 25

    good thing they didn’t name it “The Real Clear Big Picture”

  2. desi commented on Mar 25

    I’ve always liked Fallstreet’s link agregator (as the name suggests all the links are on the bearish side):

    Too bad you have to be a member to get clickable links :(
    Some links are still provided free. I have found over time that just the headlines are enough most of the time to give you a feel for what the arguments of the article are.

  3. Ross commented on Mar 25

    So God selected the video links? Must be good, no?

  4. AGG commented on Mar 25

    Speaking of real clear markets,
    “Bear employees, who owned more than 30 percent of the firm’s stock before JPMorgan’s share purchase deal, have collectively lost more than $3 billion over the last month. They also now face massive layoffs, with media reports saying that JPMorgan will cut up to 50 percent of Bear’s 14,000 workers.” quote from MSN money isn’t addressing the big picture. These employees have a lot of inside and potentially market killing knowledge. They are mad and probably planning revenge as we speak. The effect of several thousand angry and unscrupulous well educated individuals should not be underestimated. These guys are out for blood and they know who has the bullseye painted on them. They will be very creative about the destruction they wreak.

  5. Chief Tomahawk commented on Mar 25

    “Krugman & Kudlow (How’s that combo for a show?)”

    I threw up in my mouth, BR.

    Larry doesn’t need a political foil (God knows they’d never let the guests speak as they’d continually interrupt each other), but rather someone to inject some life, like Lynse from Wallstrip. That and cut the number of guests down from 5 to 3 in those Market Drilldown segments.

  6. New Who? commented on Mar 25

    New? I’ve been reading for 8 years.


    BR: Uh, they launched this in December 2007

  7. WorldBeta commented on Mar 25

    The problem with a lot of these aggregators is that the design is awful. This site is impossible to read and just looks like a sea of red. I much prefer an edited version with less links ie

    Abnormal Returns

  8. john commented on Mar 25

    BR: this site has been around for awhile like RCP and RCS. They are all great sources particularly RCP but you put your finger on their problem when you said there’s some pollution. The two guys who own the site are basically right wing idealogues intent on spreading the gospel. So on any site they are running you are going to see a heavy weighting to the right, much more Kudlow than Krugman. On their political site they had a thing about Bush walking on water for awhile. That seems to have faded a bit but there’s no doubt where their sympathies lie and there is some pompous sub Lippman sermonizing from time to time. But all that said they have done a great job of putting together a central collection point for political, financial and sporting info and they are to be congratulated for it.

  9. Bob A commented on Mar 25

    the red headlines are like sand in my eyes

  10. Dee Leverage commented on Mar 25

    Nothing like a major Investment bank almost going BK, worst confidence in years, worst housing drop maybe ever and $100 oil to lead a market rally. The dirty secret, as usual, is anemic volume.

  11. JustinTheSkeptic commented on Mar 25

    U-rah-rah! U-rah-rah! U-rah-rah! Glass-half-full glass-half-full! Bad-news-is-good-news-even-if-it-is-historically-terrible-news… (I’m just trying to get in the same frame of mind as CNBC!) LOL

  12. michael schumacher commented on Mar 25

    at some point the volumes will matter….it’s been as Dee has described it for over a year..

    Volume sucks on “rally’s”
    Volume picks up on and is greatest on “non-happy bomb” days

    Eventually that will win out however I NEVER thought it could be above 12k with the above description of where we are “at” fundamentally.

    My biggest fear is that we have a repeat of last summer where the volumes are historically low and we got to watch the market get a boner over every hedge fund’s overpayment for assets. How many times I woke up on monday morning this summer only to see a headline like “Douchebag Capital pays a gazillion for ___________” and then promptly push the moonshot button for over 200 points…..nevermind that over half of those “deals” made in the summer are not even getting done let alone at those atmospheric prices.

    I see that GS only see’s a total of $460b of write offs………low balling it again so they can call the bottom in about three weeks time. On BTW did they not say they were through with write offs???

    Yet another unpunished lie….


  13. Nihilism commented on Mar 25

    I agree – red headline/links? too congested look.

    It would be nice if someone can come up with an idea/layout of tracking CEOs/flip-floppers/Spin-masters/pump-masters – see what they said a month ago and see how they are changing tunes now. That way they will start learning from their mistakes or at least stop spinning more.

    On a diffrent note: Wells Fargo says: We love socialist fed!

    The chief executive of Wells Fargo & Co. said Tuesday that the current environment presents opportunities and that the venerable San Francisco bank would consider doing a deal in conjunction with the Federal Reserve.
    “I would not be averse to a Fed-assisted transaction,” Chief Executive John Stumpf said in an interview with the San Francisco Business Times newspaper

  14. bonghiteric commented on Mar 25

    I’d like to see youtube videos with the CNBC commentators from Monday AM last week contrasted with their contradicting jibber-jabber from yesterday and today. JDimon’s a hero, he’s a failure, he’s a hero, he’s failure… slap.

    Do those bedwetting mouthbreathers even care if they contradict themselves?

  15. ronin commented on Mar 25

    If they can manage to avoid the non-money running political hacks, the site will become even more useful as a source. (Suggested Goal: Avoid linking to people who make their readers “poor and stupid”)

    Well said, Barry.

    At least the WSJ keeps them isolated on the editorial page.

  16. Adam commented on Mar 25

    Actually, RealClearMarkets originally was the predecessory to RealClearPolitics. One or both of RCP’s founders originally were money guys. RCP was a side project that hit it huge in the 2004 election cycle.

    The Markets site went defunct for a while when the Politics site was huge, and now it’s back. A welcome return.

  17. Andrew Horowitz commented on Mar 25


    Where is the GOD video section you referred to? I look and look and nowhere to be found.

    Oh well, looked like it was going to be a god one too.


  18. darkness commented on Mar 26

    >So on any site they are running you are going to see a heavy weighting to the right, much more Kudlow than Krugman.

    Funny, I was a regular at rcp before the 2006 election and I did not even realize they were on the right until after it was over, when there was a side comment somewhere of: “oh, dang, we thought things would go the other way this season.” Which impressed me by their even-handedness that I hadn’t spotted a tilt, and as well, made me realize they were on Rove’s fax list because he was about the only one selling that political swampland before nov.

    I found rcp as a source for poll data to be clean, quick and unequaled.

  19. David commented on Mar 26

    I like the site, but wish they had an RSS feed… what’s up with that?

    Maybe I should email the webmaster.

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