Ode to NYS Governor

From one of the comments on our earlier post:

Get ready for Monica-Bill redux
The Media gorging, raking mucks
Oozing glee from all their ducts
Republicans full of tuts and clucks
Leno and Letterman will use it for yucks
Tabloids making beaucoup bucks
As pundits narrate the jives and shucks
Of another Democratic Boy Wonder Deluxe
Who squandered the world for a few cheap…dates.

Good stuff, Jmay!

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  1. Matt D commented on Mar 11

    Let’s ask Silda and the girls if prostitution is a victimless crime.

  2. E commented on Mar 11

    $5k call girls are not cheap *dates*. They are much much more precioso.

  3. Nurit commented on Mar 11

    Pretty sure Silda knew about his escapades. He has been doing it for more then 6 years. Read the NY Post latest reporting.

  4. john commented on Mar 11

    Leaving aside the fact that Spitz has done something monumentally stupid given the political overtones what’s the big deal. That Republican senator caught consorting with prostitutes hasn’t resigned and all these Wall Street types clucking away are probably major clients of these girls. After all who else has the money to spend $5000 bucks a bonk. Apparently with Republicans resigning is only required if you’re a democrat.

  5. Norman commented on Mar 11

    Using Bill Clinton as a precedent Spitzer should be able to stay on.

    1a) Clinton used Lewinsky and in the White House, ie on government property.
    1b) Spitzer got used by Silda and he was in an hotel.

    2a) Clinton lied to a federal grand jury and only got a $70,000 fine (people in sports are getting +6 months for this now).
    2b) Being a john usually isn’t even prosecuted or maybe some kind of probation.

    So, if Clinton continued to serve why not Spitzer? Any answers to this?

  6. Emmett commented on Mar 11


    Answer => Clinton should not have continued to serve.

  7. lburgler commented on Mar 11

    What Spitz did was illegal. What Bill did was a moral issue.

    If Spitz had been a moral issue, he’d have the high ground: If you’re gonna exploit some star-stuck twenty-something for a big-hair, fake-pearls washington office fantasy, at least pay the girl

  8. cathompson commented on Mar 11

    If he was a republican it would have been a guy.

  9. Ritchie commented on Mar 11

    Emmett: “Answer => Clinton should not have continued to serve.”

    Clinton got caught by a Republican sting operation. Remember Linda Tripp recording those conversations with Monica? Remember how Linda and her pals took those recordings to the FBI? Remember how Monica was held in that Watergate (how ironic!) hotel room where she lied to FBI agents (against the law–regardless of being under oath), who then confronted her with Linda’s recording? In order to avoid prosecution she then told them about her consenting adults relationship with the President. And that got the whole ball rolling. You know the rest of the story.

    This is like what Senator Vitters said about his situation: This is between me, my wife, and dog.

  10. Richard commented on Mar 11

    smug arrogant corruption fighting spitzer has now been caught violating the public trust which is worse for him considering his whole mandate for being swept into office. he deserves double death.

  11. lilian commented on Mar 11

    tous que je peux dire, c’est:

    I hope it was WORTH IT!


    Listen up kids: HAVE HOT SEX WHILE YOU’RE YOUNG!
    That way you won’t squander all of your time running for the money and wake up at 40/50 bald with flaccid plucked skin and think to yourself, “Oh my GOD. I’m gonna DIE never having had hot sex!”

    They way young lovers do will make some nasty old lisping guy fucking…anything…seem undesirably gross

  12. ken h commented on Mar 11


    I be worried having my grandmother around Clinton. My dog! Look at the Gargoyles this guy bonked.

    LOL, I lie through my teeth too!

    I imagine the “escorts” Spitzer gave a ride home where a tad bit easier on the eyes.

  13. wunsacon commented on Mar 11

    This is between Spitzer and his family.

    No perjury.
    No sexual harassment.
    No problem.

    This isn’t even a case of a let’s-legislate-sexual-conduct Republican getting caught not living up to his anti-gay rants.

  14. xon commented on Mar 11


    What was the previous news item from the Democratic side? Vice President picks.

    What do the Dems consistently get creamed for? Soft on crime/not being badass enough for international bare-knuckles.

    What democrat VP potential pick would have best neutralized about the only two issues Republicans have any hope on?

    Or is it just me?

  15. JGFY commented on Mar 11

    Anyone heard what kind of cigars Spitz and Kristen were using? – like to send him a case.

  16. Al Czervic commented on Mar 11

    So, assuming Spitzer goes, in the last couple of years the Tri-state area has lost all three of its governors; New Jersey (gay), Connecticut (corruption) and New York (morals). What were the odds?

  17. Bud commented on Mar 11

    Joe Bruno must be rolling ROTFL. Seriously, for all you morons who think Spitzer did nothing wrong: if you have daughters would you like it if they became hookers and bonked politicians? Really, when you get down to it prostitution creates plenty of victims including the prostitutes. “Mommy and Daddy, when I grow up I want to be the best hooker in the world.”

  18. benny lava commented on Mar 12

    replace “hooker” with fry cook, mover, garbage[person], telemarketer, televangelist, infomercial salesperson, mortgage broker, shoe store clerk, realtor, lawyer, investment banker, TV journalist etc etc.

    There are plenty of jobs I hope my kids don’t do. And if a politician used the services of one of these occupations that I hope my kids don’t do, it wouldn’t mean he did something immoral or illegal.

  19. Jmay commented on Mar 12

    Hey, cool! I made the big time!

    Anyone want to buy a screenplay?

  20. Ritchie commented on Mar 12

    Matt D: “Let’s ask Silda and the girls if prostitution is a victimless crime.”

    Sure, but first, what did you learn from talking to Mrs Vitter and Mrs Craig and their children? That was some time ago so surely you’ve gotten around to doing that. Enlighten us please.

  21. VoiceFromTheWilderness commented on Mar 12

    The author betrays his republican bias at the end, ruining an otherwise entertaining bit of doggerel.

    Republicans make the story up as they go along, the only constant being how morally, fiscally, and leadership impaired *they want us to think* the other guy (democrats in this case) is. Too bad that like all con-jobs it’s a complete self serving lie.

    Republican morals are so horrible they cannot be talked about — and everybody knows it.

  22. ken h commented on Mar 12

    C’mon, Craig’s not gay! He was just picking up that loose toiet paper in a public restroom, Sheesh.

    Bud, cry me a river about for the poor 5000k escorts. They wnat to be there fr the easy money. Doesn’t take any smart to hold down a mattress and trust me, they are living good.

    I had a good friend in high school moons ago that chose that route. she was smart as a whip, gorgegous, and could have done anythig she wated to. She chose thi because it gave her a porche and and bigger home than I will ever have.

  23. Dave commented on Mar 12

    How many Republicans you’re criticising actually prosecuted prostitution rings (twice) at the same time he was using prostitution rings.

    And since this is (supposed to be) a financial blog, why are you so sorry that the man who helped London replace NYC as the world’s financial capital and ruined the careers of actual successful businesspeople like Hank Greenberg and Richard Grasso is in trouble?

  24. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 12

    “Get ready for Monica-Bill redux”

    Say what? Bill and Monica were having an affair, and we all knew he was a southern hound dog before we elected him. He never set up shell companies, and he didn’t pay $100,000 over 10 years to play with hookers. Spitzer, the jackass, set himself up as Mr. Clean while ruining countless lives. Now he will die by the political sword he used so very ruthlessly on others.

  25. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 12

    Dave, did you see Dennis on CNBS? LOL! The schmuck is running around screaming conspiracy when in fact this has been going on for 10 years, and the jackass was pegged for possible bribes because of his withdrawls. We now know it was prostitution, but he brought this on himself. His bank actually turned the dumbass in to the IRS because of his withdrawls. This happens one half million times per year although we never know about it. Flux Spitzer and the goat he road in on!

  26. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 12

    This is between Spitzer and his family.

    No perjury.
    No sexual harassment.
    No problem.

    This isn’t even a case of a let’s-legislate-sexual-conduct Republican getting caught not living up to his anti-gay rants.

    Posted by: wunsacon | Mar 11, 2008 9:21:10 PM

    ROFLMAO is all I can do with your post. He’s gone, so you can start getting over it right now and start the healing. LOL!

  27. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 12

    Dave, there are those that want to talk nothing but politics on this financial blog although most times you can block them by remembering that ignorance is bliss. Throw all the bums out, and let’s start with some greenhorns who will actually be afraid of losing. We are going down the rabbit hole with the two political groups leading the party. 60 Trillion Dollars of unfunded liabilities says they have both failed us miserably.

  28. nades commented on Mar 12

    Hey, cool! I made the big time!

    Anyone want to buy a screenplay?

    Posted by: Jmay | Mar 12, 2008 1:52:34 AM

    This is Jmay, Smay’s brother is it? Sure sounds like an over educated Conn boy to me…

    Either way good stuff!

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