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Heh heh



INSTANT VIEW: Spitzer apologizes for "private matter"
Reuters Mon Mar 10, 2008 3:50pm EDTPost

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  1. Leisa commented on Mar 10

    I can remember few events in my life where there was such an event that elicited such schandenfreudic (not a word!) reaction among so many.

  2. Winston Munn commented on Mar 10

    Warren Buffet has said that when the tide goes out we will know who has been swimming without trunks.

    To honor this prescient comment, Bear-Stearns should be renamed Bare-Stearns, merge with Ambac, becoming BareBac, and then name Spitzer as CEO.

  3. Chief Tomahawk commented on Mar 10

    I wonder what Spitzer says to his 3 girls, besides his wife? Lots of estrogen he needs to make amends with…

  4. Huh commented on Mar 10

    You’d think of the guy were #9, he’d pay less than the 8 guys before him!

  5. DonKei commented on Mar 10

    Good one, Winston.

    What he’d spend, about $4,500? He probably pays more in real terms to get a piece of his wife’s ass. And that price just went way, way up.

    Beware the zealous reformers. They’re gooding at finding evil because they know from a mirror what it looks like.

  6. amark commented on Mar 10

    Perhaps the other question to ask is if the ring of prostitution (sung to Ring of Fire by J. Cash)was “overlooked” in terms of the criminal justice system in NY State as a result of his “ahem” involvement. Wouldn’t that be a more serious crime? The whole thing does not make me laugh nervously, so much as it makes me sad.

    On the other hand my mother used to make Sachre Tort with a choclate schandenfreude topping. I liked it but it always made me a little uncomfortable…..

  7. Bob A commented on Mar 10

    Well something like this happened to me when I was young. And it messed up my life. So I could say something funny. But I guess I won’t.

  8. Paul in NYC commented on Mar 10

    “…that price just went way, way up.”

    LOL! DonKei’s got the quote of the day now as far as I’m concerned.

  9. Jmay commented on Mar 10

    Get ready for Monica-Bill redux
    The Media gorging, raking mucks
    Oozing glee from all their ducts
    Republicans full of tuts and clucks
    Leno and Letterman will use it for yucks
    Tabloids making beaucoup bucks
    As pundits narrate the jives and shucks
    Of another Democratic Boy Wonder Deluxe
    Who squandered the world for a few cheap…dates.

  10. Winston Munn commented on Mar 10

    So, this was a call-girl service in Washington?

    Looks like Sinatra was right about New York. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere….

  11. Inquisitor commented on Mar 10

    Wow that is amazing. One of the best Spitzer quotes I’ve seen!

  12. Dee Leverage commented on Mar 11

    I must say I may need professional help. Since this news came out, I broke out into maniacal laughter several times. I cleared my whole calendar of margin calls for the rest of the day. There may be a huge margin call on Cramer’s career. He will need to put up more political capital. Maybe Spitzer’s wife will take over as Governor someday. Here’s a nice pic of her.

    First Lady of NY

  13. hidebound commented on Mar 11

    wonder why this piece of news hit the front pages now? something to distract the rubes?

  14. Francois commented on Mar 11

    Somehow, I can’t find any satisfaction in these news. A politico is playing hide-N-seek with his German helmet on the side.

    Big deal!

    Compared to what some on Wall Street have done and keep doing to investors, I find this pecadillo rather benign in the grand scheme of things.

    But this is America, where violence on TV is so common, ordinary people get fleeced by a financial sector out of control, yet everyone gets his ass up in the air when a piece of bra shows some, ahem, mechanical difficulties during a famed sport event.

    Hmmm! Culture is such a strange thing sometimes.

  15. Francois commented on Mar 11


    Thanks for the link to Scott Horton’s article in Harper’s Mag.

    It DOES raise some troubling questions. I’ll bet you anything Democrats in Congress will try to find some answers, and the White house + DOJ syndicate will do what they do best, ie. stall, obfuscate and invoke God knows what privilege.

    But this time, I get the impression Democrats on the Judiciary Committee will play extreme hardball with the Administration.

    This could be very interesting to watch. Democrats could grow a pair of functioning kahunas…imagine that!

  16. rockitz commented on Mar 11

    This is almost as much fun as Huckabust!

  17. SLUGGO commented on Mar 11

    Bet Dick Grasso is enjoying Spitzergate!!!

  18. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 11

    As I have said before, both political juntas are absolutely corrupt. These clowns can give a rat’s arse concerning J6P. It’s all a show for the sheeple who seem to eat it up.

    I once was lost, but now I see…

  19. Dee Leverage commented on Mar 11

    Why Spitzer has to go…by Dee Leverage:

    1) His judgement is now called into question on all topics.

    2) By being a customer of a prostitution ring, the top law enforcement person of NY knew about the ring and obviously did NOT try to prosecute it…a clear derilection of duty. (aside: Maybe he could claim he was doing an “undercover” investigation on his own LOL)

    3) The utter hypocrisy make him a laughing stock. How can he lead others?

    4) Fine examlple for the kids he is supposed to educate as Governor.

    5) Imagine the lengths he had to go to with his security detail and payments to hide this. Opened himself up for blackmail.

    6) Like it is hard to think the only problems on WS involve sub-prime…it is hard to believe that this is the only indiscretion by Spitzer…othr stuff will come out.

  20. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Mar 11

    Francois, what’s troubling is you are troubled by a political hack who is as fake as a $3 bill. They are all corrupt sheeple!

  21. Greg0658 commented on Mar 11

    show us the proof – massage therapist or a sack screw

    I think prostitution should be legalized and taxed

    I think churches should be turned into for profit business and taxed

    I think pot should be legalized and taxed and removed from the mob as
    a cash crop

    I think cigarettes should be allowed in back rooms of restaurants and
    bars (or next to the kitchen exhaust fan)

    I think same sex unions should be allowed as a civil union (not
    redefine marriage)

    and I believe God and satan have enough batteries and we humans
    should stop having children and turn the planet back over to the meek

    ps – why this on Valentines Day eve (expressions on wife)

    I think he is tired of public service
    can you blame him
    I’d want a simple life in the end days myself

  22. mhm commented on Mar 11

    As long as public money was not involved, it is a private matter. Apparently both sides were satisfied with contract terms and value for services provided.

    The thing is when you point the fault in others and then do the same thing under the covers. He deserves public scolding for that and that alone.

  23. cathompson commented on Mar 11

    Just like the Simpsons! Excellent!

  24. hr commented on Mar 11

    Is all this Spitzer news a little part of the Dow jumping 250 points this morning?

  25. Michael Donnelly commented on Mar 11

    To be sure some of the 250 is Spitzer but the lion’s share is the Fed accepting whatever crap paper the banks have sitting around

  26. 49er commented on Mar 12

    At 5 grand a pop, I’m buying, not renting.

  27. Greg0658 commented on Mar 12

    having watched the show on my fav cash station

    I think he has had enough of you allllllllll;
    and bought a private lingerie show for his wifie (we got them in bo-dunk IL)
    (and I hope he brought home saying this); a special present of sexy victoria secret stuff (ex ie: exposed lap dance stuff)

    ps – I’m on 750ml of yellow tail cabernet sauvignon found in parkinglot pre bell ringing Christmas ’07 (I suspect teen about to be busted)(and Judus Priest “Hell Bent for…” side 1)

  28. David Webb commented on May 11

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