Saving the House!

This is way too amusing not to post:


Tom Toles via Yahoo!



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  1. steve commented on Mar 3

    Funny as a crutch

  2. Ross commented on Mar 3

    That was TOO funny.

    Time to put ‘gold clauses’ in contracts again.

  3. kio commented on Mar 3

    hopefully, russian roubles

    I has been waiting this moment 40 years.


  4. Ross commented on Mar 3

    Barry, I think we got a Rooskie in the woodpile.

    Kio, tovarisch, Rossia prospers from selling commodities. You’ve got metals, energy, timber and for the first time since Nickie II, you fed yourself last year. Congrats!

    Commodities booms run their course over a decade or two. Better bank your roubles or better yet, pave some roads and build some factories and try to play nice next time.

  5. Pat G. commented on Mar 3

    That’s irony for you. It’s a race to see which will fall the furthest, the fastest; housing or the dollar. My money is on the dollar.

  6. LFC commented on Mar 3

    Larry Kudlow said…

    If Sen. John McCain wants to run as a candidate of change, and if he’s truly interested in distancing himself from President Bush, he should reverse the declining fortunes of the Bush wartime dollar. America’s prestige is on the line.

    Right now the greenback is in virtual freefall. It’s a disorderly drop. As a result, U.S. inflation rates are rising across the board as the global commodity boom leaks into higher domestic inflation.

    You know things are bad when Larry starts acknowledging reality.

  7. AGG commented on Mar 3

    For about a year now, some smart people have been playing hot potato with the dollar. Everyone else is catching on. I guess it’s time for world class freegan hedonics. Here we go from steak to hamburger to hot dog to shit on a shingle to beef soup and crackers. Well, at least the obesity epidemic will be over.

  8. ken h commented on Mar 3

    Kudlow, wasn’t he hounding for more rate cuts?

    DUH, It ain’t going to work! It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy spots “The Wizard” behind the curtain. We ain’t all living in a trailer Larry! Even that idiot in Iran knows it. Soon the U.S. is going to be all on our own with absolutely no leverage.

    I expect this from Cramer but I thought Kudlow had a brain?
    WTF with guy Barry?

    Benny’s got to realize this ain’t Japan and we are going to put his balls in a vice!

  9. David commented on Mar 3

    Barry, funny cartoon,
    Cool blog!
    How many people can buy a house with cash like in this cartoon?
    Those few who actually have 401k’s or savings are starting to withdraw them to pay for things, they see unemployment going up and the rebate checks will be a joke.
    I know all recessions start-out with inflation, then comes unemployment, and then hard times with deflation.
    I am sorry, but commodities are in a bubble and this recession will burst this bubble, sorry again, the stock market will not go up.
    The Fed lowering interest rates so fast will be devastating, making things worse, and the home ATM’s are about to be destroyed, along with credit cards.
    The government ideas for the mortgage industry, and money supply, will likely be toxic to this country, because the value of the dollar will concerned sea of people and people do not like their money being devalued, history has poven this.

    Again, great blog, Peace.

    “There is a history in all men’s lives Figuring the nature of the times deceas’d; The which observ’d, a man may prophesy, With a near aim, of the main chance of things As yet not come to life, which in their seeds And weak beginnings lie intreasured”
    William Shakespeare

  10. Jon H commented on Mar 3

    Hey Barry,

    If it’s not too much hassle, could you put some kind of “ADVERTISEMENT” marking or demarcation before and after the ads?

    Given the content of the blog, when I saw an E-Trade ad after the Tom Toles cartoon, it took me a moment to figure out it was a genuine ad and not an ad that you included for mocking. “There’s nothing funny about that… Oh, it’s a genuine ad…”

  11. Ritchie commented on Mar 4

    LFC: “TNSTAAFL !!!”

    Don’t you mean “TANSTAAFL!!!”?

  12. LFC commented on Mar 4

    Don’t you mean “TANSTAAFL!!!”?

    Not me. Mine was the comment before. But they both translate out to the same thing, either “There ain’t” or “There’s no”.

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