Is the Bush Admin Trying to Kill Us ?

Too funny:

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  1. Egg commented on Apr 10

    You may have inadvertently linked us to “Dick Move of the Week”, also quite hilarious by the way… after you finish watching you can click through to their site and still find the “They’re Trying To Kill Us” skit.


    BR: Weird — I’ll pulled the embed code from the video on their site. CC must have put the wrong embed code in this video.

    I’ll see if they updated it

  2. Greg0658 commented on Apr 10

    thanks BR for the opening

    no GWB can’t kill our spirit – nor the terrorist of east & west

    in the event of a major event pre November 8th … the elections must go on … through martial law and unimagined destruction of nature or man

    The Elections Must Go On … otherwise they win

  3. Greg0658 commented on Apr 10

    typo – dont miss the election on
    November 4th … 11/4/08

  4. SPECTRE of Deflation commented on Apr 10

    While I enjoy comedy, I keep coming back to simple thoughts for simple minds. But it were that simple.

  5. Venndata commented on Apr 10

    Hilarious, though they forgot about the meat, the infrastructure, the dollar, etc.

    Laws, rules, regulations and their enforcement for a just society is what has allowed the creation of all this wealth, not the rule of the jungle.

    Never forget how the Bear Sterns bondholders, hombuilders, and other sundry “Get gov’t off my back” types run to Uncle Sam when they’re in trouble.

  6. mo commented on Apr 10


    Reminds me of what my mother used to say during the Giuliani administration when there was so much talk about him lowering the murder rate in NYC.

    “He’s hiding the bodies”

  7. Egg commented on Apr 10

    Look at the bright side– at least there’s EDTA chelation treatment available to cure lead poisoning, …

  8. BrianTX commented on Apr 10

    They’re not trying to kill us. Heavens no!

    They’re just trying to rob us and our children, and our children’s children blind.

    Is that so wrong? Any politician would do it, and in Russia and China they really WOULD kill you, so you better be happy ingrateful peons, because we don’t do that sort of thing here… yet.

    So things really could be worse, why are you all complaining?

  9. Mr Reality commented on Apr 10

    Incompetence or deliberate maleficence? Sadly, the end result is the same. The American people get screwed, blued, and tattooed.

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