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  1. bluestatedon commented on Apr 8

    Great to see that my three favorite blogs in any category — BP, CR, and Mish — are in the top 10. I can’t imagine having to depend on CNN or WSJ for information.

  2. craig commented on Apr 8

    look at you BR! baby is all growned up.

    excellent blog. i appreciate it and know it takes a ton of effort.

  3. kateNC commented on Apr 8

    Your ranking is well deserved. I check in several times a day. Your blog is not only informative but interesting.

    Krugman shares these characteristics, unusual in an economist, I think.

    Several other economics blogs are on my list but I read them for the same reason I eat carrots, because they’re good for me.

  4. Stav commented on Apr 8

    Is Megan McArdle an economist, strategist or in finance? Never really read her. Nouriel should be higher IMO

  5. joe commented on Apr 8

    Krugman and Freak benefit from NYT linkage. MR is awesome, but not really markets focused. TBP and CR are the best market blogs.

    Not sure if you’ve checked it out, but is excellent fixed income info. New on the scene, but very insidery and very informative

  6. Tom Durff commented on Apr 8

    Agree re: across the curve.

  7. Chief Tomahawk commented on Apr 8

    Perhaps changing the ads on the blog from E-Trade to scantily clad bikini models hawking Coppertone Suntan Lotion (summer’s comin’) should push ratings into the top spot.

  8. ottnott commented on Apr 8

    Congratulations. If you are circling “good company”, CalculatedRisk deserves that status.

    Roubini’s ranking reflects the business model (limited material outside the subscription wall) and the dearth of graphics. The fact that he gets as much traffic as he does is a testament to the quality of the material.

  9. LFC commented on Apr 8

    Wow. The blog of my favorite Bush cheerleader, Larry Kudlow, never even made the list. I guess they limited the list to non-fiction.

  10. me commented on Apr 8


  11. wally commented on Apr 8

    Nice work… especially for somebody who appears to still take time to enjoy life!

  12. JL commented on Apr 8

    Megan McArdle is nothing more than political hack.

  13. Joe Klein’s conscience commented on Apr 8

    McArdle used to write for The Economist. She is fancies herself a Libertarian, but seems to side with the Republicans for most things. The really sad part is that she has an bachelors in English Lit from UPenn and an MBA from the U of Chicago and doesn’t seem to have learned much about either subject.

  14. Johnny Debacle commented on Apr 8

    Krugman is really awful. Freak has become bad and Dubner is a hack. MR is the best econ blog, BP included.

  15. lccheh commented on Apr 8

    Traditional economics would state that positive externalities such as information would be under supplied, and thus an inneficient outcome. Over the past few years it has become increasingly evident that the technology and information revolution has allowed a form of multiplier effect on this form of externality. Congratulations on spearheading this effort and making it happen. Your blog and your apprenticed investor columns are very instructive and very much appreciated.

  16. Fredex commented on Apr 8

    McCardle is brilliant. Failing to acknowledge that simply because you disagree is immature. You cut off any path to learning by resorting to playground trash talk.

  17. Rock commented on Apr 8

    I just took at the Econ blogs ranked above Barry’s and quickly determined that I’ve not been missing anything by not reading them. Does this imply Bigpicture should be #1? Maybe so :)

    The Bigpicture is always thought provoking and a well designed blog. Thanks for all of your effort.

  18. chad commented on Apr 8

    you probably think this blog is about you……..don’t you don’t you!!!!!

  19. wunsacon commented on Apr 9

    >> McCardle is brilliant. Failing to acknowledge that simply because you disagree is immature. You cut off any path to learning by resorting to playground trash talk.

    >> Posted by: Fredex | Apr 8, 2008 6:14:57 PM

    To play devil’s advocate:

    – “Acknowledging” McCardle’s “brilliance” “simply” because you agree isn’t “better”.

    – Knowing a writer’s alignment helps you parse his/her text better.

    – The “cut off” might be the “on-ramp” to better learning elsewhere, like at Krugman’s, Nouriel’s, Harper’s, the American Prospect, etc. Don’t you think?

  20. jon commented on Apr 9

    Way to go, Barry. You’ve earned it. You certainly deserve to be up there with Freak and Krug; glad you’re ahead of that Republican hack, Mankiw.

  21. julio commented on Apr 9

    good job, rith

  22. Karl K commented on Apr 10

    Congrats Barry…

    As for Megan McCardle, well, I don’t know about “brilliant” but pretty darn interesting.

    I never cease to be amazed at the vitriol unleased on the more rightist economics blogs by the leftists. Some Bush Derangement Syndrome infected guy on econolog claimed that he singlehandely got Greg Mankiw to suspend commentary. He was proud of it because, well, he managed to get a former Bush Adminstration official to bend to his will, I suppose.

    Pretty pathetic.

    Some of the econ blogs are quite good — DeLong on the liberal side, Mankiew and Becker/Posner on the rightist side. It’s good stuff, usually worth reading.

    I like Barry’s blog because, well, he has a point of view and defends it with reason. I may or may not agree with what he says, but it makes me think and forces me to come to a position. And even though some of the commentary on here strikes me as cheerleading for a depression, I find it useful to gauge what the bearish folks are thinking.

    But then there’s Krugman. I have no problem with someone taking a liberal economic position, in contrast to my general inclination toward libertarianism. But I find Krugman degenerates often to inellectual shallowness…like when recently trumpeted the Social Security trust fund report as showing improvement in the program.

    Yeah, there was improvement all right — the trust fund went from being horribly actuarially unsound to being just terribly actuarially unsound.

    The noise of his axe griding is so loud sometimes your eardrums pop.

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