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Pepper … and Salt
April 2, 2008; Page A14

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  1. Aiden commented on Apr 8

    Is that Crittenden’s office at Citi?

  2. Bob A commented on Apr 8

    Well I’m watching Ryan Crocker and The General testify before congress just now and my first impression was that this guy must be a relative.

  3. Ian in NZ commented on Apr 8

    Wait a minute, get the SEC/FED to change rules on LEVEL 3 (AGAIN) and 2008 Q4 will up 60%…( for banks/brokers)

  4. Steve Barry commented on Apr 8

    Hey, back to something important…In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Greenspan said, “I was praised for things I didn’t do. I am now being blamed for things I didn’t do.”

    Hey I don’t remember Greenspan, when he received all that praise, pointing out that he shouldn’t get the credit. Does anybody remember him doing so??? And recently, he said he knew that Iraq was all about oil…and said nothing about that either until he got an $18 Million book advance.

    Does this guy just make your skin crawl?

  5. Jonathan Garber commented on Apr 8

    Speaking about not being able to make money, what ever happened to MBIA?

  6. DavidB commented on Apr 8

    That flashes me back to the internet bubble. It reminds me of the days when the P/S on stocks like Nortel was running in the high teens. Oh boy, those were the days

  7. DL commented on Apr 9

    This cartoon has relevance to all those who talk in terms of “the long run”. The average adult saves over a period of only 20 years (or less). The S&P500 has gone virtually nowhere over the last 10 years.

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