New Gadget: iPod to iPod

Hey RIAA, suck on this one:




miShare is a sweet little gadget that facilitates song sharing via two
iPods, no web connection required, no computer or cable is needed. With the gadget, you can share files, photos, videos and playlists between
Just attach the source and target iPods and press miShare’s button
to start the transfer.



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  1. Steve commented on Apr 14

    So now we need a finance version for GS that can transfer debt tranches.
    There will be a “JAM” button for offloading the emm hemm, “product” and a suck button for buying the “product” back at cents on the dollar.
    Also there will be an extra “Convert to Collateral” button so that once the product is sucked back up from the unsuspecting pension funds and foreign governments it can be “Converted” into krap that the FED will take as collateral for billions in $U.S.


  2. Jonathan commented on Apr 14

    I wonder how long it will take the RIAA to sue miShare for this one?

  3. Portland Refugee commented on Apr 14

    Will it let you transfer & play the tunes on your computer? Most of the time you have to authorize iTunes to play that member’s songs.

    I could be wrong.

  4. Dave in IL commented on Apr 14

    How long before Apple releases an ipod firmware update that kills this?

  5. tbapple commented on Apr 14

    Recently, the RIAA’s attorney’s inserted a snipet in one of their legal briefs that basically said transfer of your own CDs onto an ipod represented copyright infringement. With this device and their past enforcement history maybe we will start seeing random checkpoints where they check your iPod for “unauthorized” content.

    Perhaps they could get the TSA to add an iPod check to the standard flight pre-screening. Turn it into a profit center for the government, like speeding tickets.

  6. Portland Refugee commented on Apr 14


    Not TSA…..I think you mean FISA

    I took a quick read through on their site. Yes, it’s cool to transfer songs from your buddies ipod but the real novelty is being able to keep the tracks. (which is not possible with this guy).

  7. Barley commented on Apr 14

    Neat but there will soon be vapour-wear overlays on the data files which, by virtue of a timing mechanism, vapourizes the file on specified date/time.

  8. Barry Ritholtz commented on Apr 14

    I don’t think thats true — check out the FAQ

    “Available immediately in the Music or Video menus, and also in a music or video playlist called “miShare Playlist”. (miShare playlists are numbered if there is more than one.)
    1. If the target iPod is set to automatically synchronize with iTunes, the files are placed in folders called “miShare Music” or “miShare Videos” on the target iPod’s disk area so you can add the files to your home iTunes at a later time.
    2. If the target iPod cannot play videos, then any copied videos will only be copied to the disk area’s “miShare Videos” folder.”

  9. barrons commented on Apr 14

    Barry, Be sure to give Barron’s the credit.

  10. Israel Hebron commented on Apr 15

    We think the Center for Disease Control is likely to issue an APB for pandemic trojan.
    What better way to crash the Internet dark?

  11. Barry commented on Apr 15

    Actually, that was from Paste magazine, and the CES — dead tree edition

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