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I’m committed to making the blog roll more manageable. To that end, I’ve pulled 3 blogs that are now defunct, and added one:


Vox EU — a policy portal set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research ( in conjunction with a consortium of national sites, including the Italian site LaVoce  (, which provided inspiration for the idea and help from the start; the French site Telos (; and the Spanish site Sociedad Abierta (


Herb Greenberg Marketblog (May 1, 2008)
Macroblog (October 2007)
Max Speaks ( September 01, 2007)

Also dinged: 
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs Once its author became public, I stopped reading it — all the fun went away . . .

I regularly peruse the blogs on my list. You should, too.

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  1. mat commented on Jun 4

    wow, Telos is my favorite french think-out-the-box on economic policies

  2. Mr Ghawier Downing commented on Jun 4


    Where’s the new site design that I think I remeber you talking about? This is a great site for information, I’m very glad you’re doing it, but I have to say that it’s way, way too busy IMO.

    How about fewer colors, and toning-down the master head to start. I’m only mentioning this because I like this cite and would like to see it continue to grow. Right now it looks like a child’s room exploded all over it.

    Thanks for the work you do.

  3. Chief Tomahawk commented on Jun 4

    A moment of silence has been observed for the Herb Greenberg Marketwatch blog.

    Now if that “Greenberg-Meritz” coming soon logo would ever actually materialize….

  4. Steve Young commented on Jun 4

    I too miss Herb.

    May I suggest a blog? Simple non commercial blog, but some might find it interesting to watch this live trading test. You may find it a worthy addition to your blogroll.

    It’s sort of like Timothy Sykes, minus the steriods. Trades are posted in advance. Handily beating the market.

    Here’s an excerpt from last week:

    Returns for the week ending 5/30/08:
    ASM-10 model portfolio (7 to 10 stocks, unhedged) = +3.9%
    H2 – Market Neutral portfolio = +0.3%
    H2.a – Market Timer portfolio = +2.1%

    Model Returns since 1/1/07:
    ASM-10 model portfolio (10 stocks): +77.4%
    H2 – Market Neutral portfolio: +38.0% (Sharpe ratio = 3.2)
    H2.a – Market Timer portfolio: +54.5% (Sharpe ratio = 4.1)
    S&P 500 index: -0.6%

    Portfolio (ASM-10) holdings for next week (10 positions):
    SELL: none
    BUY: none
    Best alternates to hold: POT BUCY

    Market Timing hedge position next week:
    50% hedged – Remove 50% of TWM hedge (TWM is 2x inverse Proshares ETF on Russell 2000 index)

  5. Steve Barry commented on Jun 4

    How about Reggie Middleton…really detailed, not afraid to speak his mind and name names…nice cartoon porn and the guy has been right.

    Reggie Middleton

  6. jim commented on Jun 4

    some of those blogs regularly peruse you, too.

  7. Fender commented on Jun 5

    I am a regular reader of and I can say that is an exceptional site. One has, on this site, the warranty to find the most stupid ideas and analysis of the universe.

    Believe me

  8. Reggie Middleton commented on Jun 5

    Yeah, I second that Reggie Middleton recommendation!

    Reggie Middleton

  9. Speculator commented on Jun 5

    Hey Barry,
    I would love to be on your blogroll. I put you on my blogroll two weeks ago. Someday, I hope my blog will be great like yours.

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