Inflation, Zimbabwe Style

Via Prieur du Plessis’ website, we see that inflation in Zimbabwe remains slightly elevated (Fortunately for the Mugabe regime, Core Inflation remains contained):


Fortunately for the Mugabe regime, Core Inflation remains contained . . .

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  1. KingofTheWorld commented on Jun 4

    …you just double the tax to get the tip right?


  2. John commented on Jun 4

    How wide are the petrol pumps to accommodate the necessary digits?

  3. scorpio commented on Jun 4

    not only is inflation in Zimbabwe and the US contained, it’s nowhere NEAR the level of the 1970s. that’s the most important take-away. the only thing bernanke, inflation and the ’70s have in common is that goatee. or beard. whatever is is.

  4. jhunt commented on Jun 4

    despite the large number, he’s still only paying a couple of dollars (US) for the meal. i guess we can all vacation in sub-saharan africa, since american peso is no longer worth the paper its printed on in europe.

  5. HCF commented on Jun 4

    I guess we should be optimistic about at least one thing: a generation of very bright mathematicians from Zimbabwe. If it cost you a few hundred million Z$ to buy a candy bar, you’ll want to be VERY competent with numbers.

  6. dave54 commented on Jun 4

    Today U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said, “…we see little indication today of the beginnings of a 1970s-style wage-price spiral, in which wages and prices chased each other ever upward.”

    INDICATIONS: Spend-a-holic Congress representing a broke & angry constituency… Multi-trillions in unfunded government liabilities…Global demand outstripping supply…$20 once bought oz. of gold, now buys about an oz. of silver, eventually, a soda & bag of chips?

  7. IdahoSpud commented on Jun 4

    More importantly, inflation *expectations* remain well-anchored!! :)

  8. Lord commented on Jun 4

    At least the last 3 digits are irrelevant, though it seems past time for the last 6 to be.

  9. babooba commented on Jun 4

    “…we see little indication today of the beginnings of a 1970s-style wage-price spiral, in which wages and prices chased each other ever upward.”

    Inflation without wage increases.


  10. stuart commented on Jun 4

    Stick a dollar sign in front of it instead and that’ll be the annual Fiscal deficit in a couple years.

  11. Francois commented on Jun 4

    Wages could chase prices because workers were able to negotiate.

    Now…they’re supposed to be happy if they get something, anything.

    And of course, it must be entirely their fault if it is the way it is.

    Workers of the world, unite! Become financiers, bankers and traders. With all the new riches coming your way, you’ll be able to find suckers who’ll produce stuff for you.

    Ain’t life awesome?

  12. VennData commented on Jun 4

    Mugabe’s concluding remarks at today’s Harvard Commencement address ‘…and when you leave these hallowed halls, leave by helicopter.’

  13. Bryan Price commented on Jun 4

    I guess I won’t be visiting Zimbabwe while I’m visiting South Africa next month.

    The bad thing is, that looks to be about $3.

  14. dug commented on Jun 4

    I’m starting to think their inflation could turn into a real headwind(tm) rather than merely an academic debate over the most beneficial rate of inflation. They will soon have to reprogram all the terminals to print landscape to fit all the digits.

    Fortunately the US seems to have proactively reduced many charge slips to a 4pt font.

  15. rickrude commented on Jun 4

    don’t give Bernanke any encouragement

  16. Justin commented on Jun 5

    Wow, you don’t get a real sense of hyperinflation until you see something like that. That’s unreal.

  17. Michael Robinson commented on Jun 5

    Justin, I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s not really hyper-inflation you’re looking at.

    That receipt was from back in March, when the annual inflation rate was only a mere 165,000% (one hundred and sixty-five thousand percent).

    In the last month, the Y/Y inflation rate reached 1,800,000% (one point eight million percent).

    Clearly the inflation in March was merely super-inflation, not hyper-inflation.


  18. nathan commented on Jun 6

    Interesting to see how the ATMs dispense that kind of money….

  19. ziggles50 commented on Jun 6

    Actually they don’t dispense anything near even 100 million. you have to queue for ages to get any real money out and even that lasts only a day…its a nightmare

  20. Prashanth commented on Jun 12

    hey… we guys in India are crying hoarse and holding protests on the inflation jumping to 8 %…. Cany imagine the situation in Zimbabwe.. poor guys!!! my symphaties…

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