Which Are the Weakest U.S. Banks ?

I’ve been meaning to point to a fascinating part of TheStreet.com: Banks & Thrifts Screener. Its a pretty nifty tool that you can use to see if your bank is on the skids or not.  (Note: I don’t know what the basis of the ratings are — they are proprietary)

Excellent tool, and best of all its free.

For example: My neice and nephew live in Chicago, and asked me about a local bank. I popped in Illinois, and screened for all banks rated "D" or below. 

Voila! 137 Banks rated from D+ down to F. (see full list after the jump)

In NY, the same search generates 27 banks; In California, 83 banks. If I search all states, I get 1477 banks rated "D" or worse.



TSC Ratings Finds the Weakest U.S. Banks   
TheStreet.com, 9/2/08

The Street.com Ratings, D or lower, Illinois

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  1. Eric commented on Sep 4

    Hopefully one of the criteria is not whether Cramer has it rated buy or sell.

  2. JS commented on Sep 4


  3. David commented on Sep 4

    Now how many of those are publicly traded…I know Corus is, but that’s been an impossible short (too crowded) for..ever.

  4. leftback commented on Sep 4

    Very useful.

    Where is this going to end? NO way on earth FDIC can bail out all these turkeys. Consolidation, bailouts and ???

  5. Chief Tomahawk commented on Sep 4

    Illinois has more poorly rated banks than Cali?!? WTF. And to think I left WaMu for Citibank under the “too big to fail” idea.

  6. johnnyvee commented on Sep 4

    Was IndyMac on the list before it was taken over by the FDIC? NO. What does that tell you?

  7. Jason Stokes commented on Sep 4

    I’m from Springfield, IL. Seems like all the Springfield banks are the independents. I don’t see any independent banks of any size that aren’t on the list. Most of those are very conservative, well-run banks, too.

    Not sure where TheStreet is getting their info.

  8. Bigboy commented on Sep 4

    No Safari support. FAIL.

  9. Amos Newcombe commented on Sep 4

    Doesn’t work on any browser except IE; freezes on IE5 for Mac. Useless piece of junk for Mac owners.

  10. Bill commented on Sep 4

    Also, doesn’t work with Firefox 3.0.1

  11. Bryan Price commented on Sep 4

    Yean, that’s an IE only page.

  12. AGG commented on Sep 4

    I’m having trouble getting in. Has anybody checked KeyBank?

  13. Pat G. commented on Sep 4

    What credit driven economy?

  14. Palolo lolo commented on Sep 4

    can’t even get it to load on IE

  15. Mark commented on Sep 4

    TheStreet.com acquired Weiss Ratings some time back…that’s the source of the ratings.

    “…Weiss Ratings, based largely on the Weiss proprietary computer model, has won acclaim by the US General Accounting Office (GAO) for having beaten the competition by three to one in accuracy.”


    Robert Prechter has recommended him for quite some time. My recollection from reading Prechter’s comments is that Weiss’ ratings are very derivative sensitive — the more a bank carries, the lower their rating.

  16. frank commented on Sep 4

    Interesting –I also like the BankRate Safe and Sound ratings for individual banks/thrifts as well as credit unions–it offers a “memorandum” with an analysis of financial results for several quarters as well as financial statements, both in drop-down boxes. Its also free….have been using it for several years. I cross checked a few banks from the Street and BankRate Safe and Sound and their ratings are just about the same, adding considerable more detail about the evaluation.


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