New Financial Media Scrum: Bloggers vs TV

Don’t-Walk-Run to this outstanding overview of the dispute between CNBC and the blogging community by Real Property Alpha:

“So let’s get this straight.  Members of the televised media are now resorting to taking on bloggers in order to draw attention to themselves.  It’s sort of like picking a fight with the biggest bully on the block, except the biggest bully on the block in this case might be a semi-professional and anonymous member of the media that is using Blogspot domain name.  A CNBC host, picking a fight with a blogger that is using a pre-made blogging service.

I’m still letting that sink in.

This post isn’t about the movement of information online and into sources that are democratic, semi-amateur, and totally beyond the control of the “powers that be”.  This post is about the growing influence of that content.  The really good bloggers are growing their online audiences every day.”

That’s a great summation. There’s more details at RPA.

I would point out that the disagreement between reads a bit like an echo of the Jon Stewart / James Cramer feud — but that was between two cable outlets.

There used to be a rule: “Don’t pick fights with people who buy ink by the barrel.” The updated version should be not to pick fights with people who don’t even have to pay for the ink — they spill electrons and pixels by the billions — and they are practically free.

TV vs Bloggers? Its kind of odd — and yet the bloggers seem to be winning . . .


The Dennis Kneale Correction ! (July 18th, 2007)

The New Financial Media
John Reeder
Real Property Alpha, August 2nd, 2009

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