US Greek Bailout Costs? Tiny

There is a faulty meme circulating that the US is on the hook for enormous amounts of the $145 billion dollar Greek bailout. Rumors of 20, 30 even 40% of the total bailout

Turns out the US participation is de minimus.

U.S. participation in the €110 billion ($145 billion) loan to Greece is relatively modest. The 15 nation euro-zone governments are ponying up $106 billion, divided according to their stake in the European Central Bank. Germany, for example kicks in $29 billion, with France good for $22 billion.

Of the $39 billion the IMF is participating in, the US is likely to kick in somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 billion dollars. Considering the US role in the global collapse, that is a relative bargain.



Who’s on the Hook for the IMF’s Greek Bailout?
WSJ, MAY 5, 2010

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