The Men Who Would Be Roubini . . .

Rich Karlgaard gets all up in the grills of the “über bears” in this post. This alone would not be particularly noteworthy, except Karlgaard is quite charming and somewhat reserved in person.

He calls Robert Prechter “howling insanity,” noted that Paul Farrell is the new “apocalypse beat writer,” and saves particular vitriol for “the oddest of them all, a book writing blowhard Harry Dent.”

I’ll takes pop psychology for $100, Alex

“The howling insanity of Prechter and his fellow bears is rising. My theory about this is admittedly cynical. It could be called The Men Who Want to Be Roubini. The [NYU] econ professor and permabear, Nouriel Roubini, happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right call in September 2008. The result was that Roubini’s lecture fees zoomed from cab fare to $60K in seven seconds.

The Men Who Want to Be Roubini–which is to say rich and famous . . . “

Ouch . . .

He does have some nice things to say about Doug Kass and I. (Dougie — remind me never to piss Rich off!)


Insane Bulls And Bears
Rich Karlgaard
Digital Rules, July 7, 2010 – 3:21 pm

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